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Ignore no more! How do you know the right maxThreads (Tomcat/Java) or maxConnections (IIS/.NET) for your application? What is it? Why do you need to set that?

How do you know the right maximum connections?

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Monitoring services is crucial, if you care about the application uptime. There are hundreds if not thousands parameters which you can (and should) monitor, related to CPU, network, hosts, application and so on. What are they? What are the non-obvious choices?

What service metrics should be monitored?

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If you ever maintained a live system - I’m sure you must have used the min-max alarms. However, are they always the best tool for the job?

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Types of alarms - what's beyond min-max checks?

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It seems that most people know the importance of software design patterns, best practices or continuous integration. While those subjects are important, there is one more equally essential term, which yields only one relevant result link on the first Google page. Meet Operational Excellence.

What is Software Operational Excellence?

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