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Piotr Szymura software engineer, full-stack developer, open source contributor, crypto/blockchain enthusiast, try hard guitarist, starcraft fan FollowWrocław Email Twitter LinkedIn GitHub Stackoverflow Learn http client once again this time via netstat This is not a guide to: How to use HttpClient in your app ? But rather how to use netstat and how TCP connections are behaving in different code scenarios. Below examples will show...

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HttpClient is not as straightforward to use as it may seem. The current recommendation for Azure Functions advises usage of a static client, but HttpClientFactory can be an interesting alternative.

[EN] Alternative approach to HttpClient in Azure Functions 2.0 - bringing in HttpClientFactory

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In the previous post in this series, I introduced the concept of outgoing middleware using DelegatingHandlers registered with named and typed clients. While that approach is available, the ASP.NET team hope that for most scenarios, we won’t need to resort to manually building our own handlers. In some cases, the built-in features of the library may provide the functionality we need. For example, it is sometimes useful to wrap requests ...

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Przy okazji aktualizacji Angulara do wersji 5, zobaczyłam, że są dostępne nowe, zaktualizowane pakiety. Na początek skupiłam się na HttpClientModule. We wpisie pokazuję, jak jego wykorzystanie upraszcza kod serwisów i komponentów.

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Mówisz, że Twój kod działa, ale czy na pewno jesteś tego pewny? Sprawdź jak pisać testy integracyjne kontrolerów dla ASP.NET Core Web API.

Testy integracyjne dla ASP.NET Core Web API - DevKR

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In previous post I've shown how HttpClient can be extended with payload encryption capabilities by providing support for aes128gcm encoding. In this post I'm going to extend Aes128GcmEncoding class with decoding capabilities.

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The "Encrypted Content-Encoding for HTTP" aims at providing standard solution for encrypting the contents of a HTTP message so that when the payload is stored, only someone with the appropriate key can read it. In this and next post I'm going to show how it can be used with HttpClient.

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