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Each time I think about the problem with feedback, I recall the famous presentation of Erik Meijer “One hacker way“, when he says about the system developed without a proper feedback – no feedback loop – summed up with a sentence “That’s how Microsoft Office Ribbon was born”. I think I can see this Microsoft-Ribbon problem everywhere, not only at work but also in life. People tend to underestimate how much is it important to give, but also to receive feedback properly. It might also be that they...

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Today I had the opportunity to attend the Code Europe conference in Wrocław. I wrote about my preparation to this about one of my previous posts, so I won’t be repeating all of this, but one thing is very important – it is advertised as the largest programming conference in Poland.Sessions The conference was indeed big. many parallel paths to chose from, quite nice content. I have attended the following sessions: The Cost of Logging [Matteo Collina @ nearForm] – Cloud Computing path Hello #co...

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I have met and talked to a lot of developers in my life. I went through the whole lifecycle of software production many times. People have changed, but the projects that have been implemented, are happily still running in production (at least most of them, let’s say :)). What I have noticed during this period of over 10 years working with the software and people producing it, is that many developers have quite a strange approach to work. In IT there’s this request type called “Fire and forget”, ...

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Stereotype I know there’s the stereotype of programmer-nerd that takes a break from programming only to play some games or watch another movie series. I know also that this is not quite true, looking at the people I know from IT – many of them are rather fit and try to keep moving to stay in a good shape. Not sure how much of them, let’s say 50%. What I wanted to address in this blog post today is that 50% is not enough. It’s very important to motivate the other 50% to move their asses and do s...

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A few weeks ago,  on my way to the .NET Developer Days conference, I had a thought that I must be getting old. That’s because the only book I took with myself was about parenting 🙂 Before, usually, it was something really technical that I don’t have time for and somehow I plan to catch up on the train or in the hotel. I had an interesting conclusion for the first time in my life, that actually putting the hard work to become a better parent, all the lessons learned through the period of raisin...

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Is Artificial Intelligence going to replace us? I’ve had yesterday a short discussion about replacing programmers by any kind of Artificial Intelligence. That brought me some conclusions linked to the problems I always had to solve being a manager. What I want to focus on is neither to question if the software will replace programmers writing software nor when w...

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Code Europe – About the Conference The last conference I’m going to attend this year will be Code Europe. The event will take place on 13th of December 2017 in the Congress Center of Centennial Hall in Wrocław. I will attend the conference in Wrocław where I’m living, so the agenda will be from this perspective. The conference takes also place in Kraków and Warsaw on the other dates, but I won’t be writing about it. Organizers claim that it is the biggest programming conference in Poland, which ...

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This year I decided to celebrate the Advent period by writing one blog post each day. I've given this idea the name of "Advent of blog". Wanna join me on this journey? :) #adventofblog

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