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Jak skonfigurować DI dla biblioteki Middleware w ASP.NET Core

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Dependency Injection in the ASP.NET Core Middleware

Daj się poznać 2017 788 dni, 21 godzin, 19 minut temu Michal Dymel 82 rozwiń

For couple last days, I worked on gifty to catch up a little bit. My primal task was to introduce JWT authentication to my microservices hosted by Nancy. That’s the topic for next post but today, I’ll describe the proper steps to fully integrate Nancy with Autofac and ASP.NET Core since it’s not that obvious (at least wasn’t for me) and took me way to much time to finally do it. So, I hope that this one will help you one way or another.  Installing pa...

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Integrating Nancy with Autofac and ASP.NET Core IoC - Forever F[r]ame

Daj się poznać 2017 787 dni, 11 godzin, 4 minuty temu dpawlukiewicz 71 rozwiń

In today’s post, I’d like to present a dozen of minimalistic samples that you can make use of within ASP.NET Core application. Starting from simple things like options, through middleware, databases and even Nginx or Docker. These samples are part of the upcoming event “Thursday with .NET” that I’ll be part of on Thursday 20.04.2017.

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ASP.NET Core 12 samples | Piotr Gankiewicz

Web 787 dni, 11 godzin, 4 minuty temu spetz 238 rozwiń

In the previous post I showed how to implement cookie authentication in ASP.NET Core Web Api, this time I want to show you how to implement token authentication using JWT token. I strongly recommend you to read my previous post about cookie authentication, because it will be simplier to understand, besides source code showed below have some parts described in the previous post.JWT structure JWT stands for JSON Web Token. It is small, self-contained JSON. It contains credentials, claims and other informa...

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[EN] Token authentication in ASP.NET Core Web Api - Jakub Skoczeń

Daj się poznać 2017 791 dni, 15 godzin, 15 minut temu qbasko 101 rozwiń

This time I want to focus on user authentication. In APIs we can use different methods for user authentication like: -cookie Authentication -basic Authentication (not recommended, slow and insecure) -token Authentication In this post I want to show you how to implement cookie authentication in ASP.NET Core Web API.

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[EN] Cookie authentication in ASP.NET Core Web Api - Jakub Skoczeń

Daj się poznać 2017 793 dni, 17 godzin, 9 minut temu qbasko 78 rozwiń

[EN] Użycie Vue.js i ASP.NET Core do ładowania treści dynamicznie na stronę

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Using ASP.NET Core and Vue.js to dynamically switch content of site

Daj się poznać 2017 796 dni, 5 godzin, 38 minut temu kkalinowski 237 rozwiń

Nice journey behind us! You did really great job to be here with us in episode 6. We started this course with introduction where we tried to explain goal, rules and technology stack. Next we did core architecture of our application, few first features and we showed you basic concepts...

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Getting started on ASP.NET Core & React – episode 06 -

Web 798 dni, 14 godzin, 19 minut temu AdrianBystrek 58 rozwiń

Recently I've been playing a lot with HTTP/2 and with ASP.NET Core but I didn't had chance to play with both at once. I've decided it's time to change that. Unfortunately the direct HTTP/2 support for Kestrel is still in backlog. Luckily Kestrel is not the only HTTP server implementation for ASP.NET Core.

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[EN] HTTP/2 with Server Push proof of concept for ASP.NET Core HttpSysServer

Web 800 dni, 18 godzin, 44 minuty temu tpeczek 45 rozwiń

General update on TeamScreen project that I'm doing for Get Notice competition

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TeamScreen – general progress update

Daj się poznać 2017 803 dni, 17 godzin, 29 minut temu kkalinowski 18 rozwiń

Tworzenie i wysyłanie dynamicznej listy z widoku do controllera - ASP.NET Core MVC

Wysyłanie dynamicznej listy z widoku do kontrolera.

Daj się poznać 2017 805 dni, 6 godzin, 47 minut temu fildev 100 rozwiń

Jak przekazywać dane pomiędzy midllewares w ASP.NET Core Pipeline

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Passing data through the ASP.NET Core pipeline - Michal Dymel - DevBlog

Daj się poznać 2017 808 dni, 4 godziny, 35 minut temu Michal Dymel 51 rozwiń

First bunch of features are done and it’s time to look at very important matter – security. As long as we create apps only for ourselves we don’t care about it. Sometimes we release one of those applications somewhere on the Internet and we still don’t care about security. Why? We forgot o...

Getting started on ASP.NET Core & React - episode 05 -

Web 809 dni, 23 godziny, 43 minuty temu AdrianBystrek 56 rozwiń

Pewnie niektórych z Was zastanawia, dlaczego obrazek do postu przedstawia ptaka? Kestrel, to po polsku Pustułka zwyczajna– nazwa ptaka drapieżnego z rodziny sokołowatych – tego przedstawionego na zdjęciu. Cytując wikipedię, polska nazwa ptaka wywodzi się od rosyjskiego „pustoj”, co oznacza „głupi”. W tym artykule dowiecie się o możliwościach implementacji serwerów w ASP.NET Core, czyli Kestrel i WebListener.

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Serwery ASP.NET Core. Czyli Kestrel i przyjaciele

Architektura 807 dni, 4 godziny, 34 minuty temu Mariusz Jernalczyk 218 rozwiń

Description of what you can actually find in empty ASP.NET Core project and how it differs from ASP.NET MVC

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ASP.NET Core default project content

Daj się poznać 2017 811 dni, 6 godzin, 56 minut temu kkalinowski 61 rozwiń

I created few projects in my solution. I have models, services, tests and webApi project. I added LoginController which uses Services, but it uses it by interfaces. I need to use dependency injection to resolve it for me. I decided to add Autofac. It is IoC container which allow us to register all types and it’s implementations, to inject specific types for us. In the last year I wrote post how to add Autofac to ASP.NET MVC app, but post is in Polish and adding Autofac to .NET Core app is slighty differe...

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[EN] How to add Autofac container to ASP.NET Core app? - Jakub Skoczeń

Daj się poznać 2017 811 dni, 15 godzin, 34 minuty temu qbasko 67 rozwiń

How many times you almost pushed some sensitive data to public repo? I have to admit, it’s one of my nightmares since I heard about crawlers occuping github and searching for credit cards data, API credentials and so on. But it looks like this problem is over, at least for .Net Core developers. And it is because of one simple tool provided by Microsoft - Secret Manager. Let me show you how to manage it by Visual Studio interface!

How to avoid sending credentials to repo (clickable Secret Manager) – A Girl Among Geeks

Daj się poznać 2017 814 dni, 17 godzin, 44 minuty temu AGirlAmongGeeks 58 rozwiń

I’m not a big enthusiast of hard-coded values in my apps, mostly because of three things. First, it’s really annoying to change their value if necessary (especially if one is used in many places). Of course, we can use some „find and replace tool” but to be honest I don’t fully trust them. Another thing is that in many cases we have absolutely no idea what do they represent. Let’s say we have the following of code:   PaymentService.Create(or...

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How to keep settings in ASP.NET Core? - Forever F[r]ame

Daj się poznać 2017 815 dni, 12 godzin, 14 minut temu dpawlukiewicz 49 rozwiń

Długo nosiłem się z wyborem biblioteki do edycji plików graficznych. Wymagania, które musi spełniać to: szybkość, dostępność na .NET Core dla Windows, Linux i macOS oraz bezpieczeństwo. Ostatecznie zdecydowałem się na ImageSharp. Aktualnie jest ona jeszcze w fazie alpha, ale bardzo szybko się rozwija i do tego posiada już funkcjonalności, które są mi potrzebne.

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ImageSharp - Edycja plików graficznych w .NET Core – Paweł Skaruz o dotnecie i bezpieczeństwie

Daj się poznać 2017 815 dni, 4 godziny, 33 minuty temu paw3lx 74 rozwiń

The amount of transferred data matters. On one hand it often contributes to the cost of running a service and on the other a lot of clients doesn't have as fast connections as we would like to believe. This is why response compression is one of key performance mechanisms in web world.

[EN] Extending ASP.NET Core response compression with support for Brotli

Web 818 dni, 7 godzin, 9 minut temu tpeczek 19 rozwiń

We’ve got prepared working ASP.NET Core application with whole frontend stuff set up. You can think – it’s good moment to start working on features. You’re right, but still we’ve got some things to do before we’ll be able to focus only on features. In this episode we’re going to show you some basic concepts..

Getting started on ASP.NET Core & React - episode 04 -

Web 822 dni, 7 godzin, 56 minut temu AdrianBystrek 104 rozwiń

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