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1429 dni, 17 godzin, 47 minut temu
8 stycznia, 2013

In this post you will learn what is build script or build tool, what products are out there and why it’s helpful during whole life cycle of you application.

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This blog post is postmortem of my infrastructure that was attacked on Sunday by Argentinian attacker and died because of DDoS. I will share with you all actions that I took in order to bring back stability of services. Attack has started : 19 June 2016 at 3:20PM UTC Attack has ended : 19 June 2016 at 4:10PM UTC Users affected : 30-40 users Extra cost due to attack : less than 2$Existing Infrastructure

Tagi: AWS, chmura, ddos, Security
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I am back! with brand new blog post! My new approach to creating CV, everything is on github.

Tagi: CV, GitHub
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Few days ago I had to create very simple database, and there was a need to expose API, so first thought was no RDBM!

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This post is about my experience with job interviews. Ardua prima via est!

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Long long time ago in one of the posts … I briefly described CouchDB installation process on the local machine.IrisCouch If you don’t want to configure local database you can use IrisCouch hosting. You can get free database for basic tests. I am using this database hosting for one of the projects hosted in heroku. It is free for really basic usage. Now we can play with our new toy. Let’s start with some general concepts.Where are my tables ? Quick answer there are no tables. Data is stored in a form...

Tagi: CouchDB, NoSQL
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Deploy from external repo on MS Azure

Tagi: Azure, git
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From few days I’m official member of codeguru redaction. I have hope the cooperation will be delightful. But now time is for rebellion!

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I would like to show you, good library to working with REST architecture.

Tagi: REST
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GTD – Getting Things Done. Let me make mod for it . CGTD – (clear getting things done)

Tagi: GTD
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tl;tr; How to reset migrations in Entity Framework

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Kilka tygodni temu na devPytaniach pojawiło się pytanie “Jak motywować programistę?“. Wtedy się nie udzieliłem, ale właśnie naszły mnie refleksje poniekąd w tym temacie. Opiszę na swoim przykładzie.

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Dzisiaj będzie o długu technologicznym, czyli o sprytnie ukrywającym się koszcie projektu. Koszcie, który z czasem potrafi zabić najlepsze projekty a nawet firmy. „As an evolving program is continually changed, its complexity, reflecting deteriorating structure, increases unless work is done to maintain or reduce it.” Meir „Manny” Lehman 1980 Parafrazując ciągle zmieniający się program zwiększa swoją złożoność o ile nie pochylimy się nad kodem aby ją zmniejszyć. Pisanie programów jest ł...

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Entity Framework, has given with last update, migrations at code first, undoubtedly it’s the best feature in this update. This tool is very helpful if we change something at our model, and then we can simply upgrade our database. Moreover it can fulfill role as a database versioning, because we can easily to manage our updates and freely manage between them.

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How to quickly start playing with Sass in mvc project? Within a few minutes you will have an working application using twitter bootstrap sass. Read for installation guide, usage, debugging tips and more...

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This post is based on my answer on the Stack Overflow – “How to unit test this function?” The original question is about writing unit test for a code that uses Console methods inside its body. This problem is more general and in this post, I want to show one of the ways to unit test code with static method.Example of code with static methods This example is from the Stack Overflow quest...

Tagi: unit testing
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In one of my companies on of the first tasks was to create appllication, that will show which ORM will be the best choice for my team ( in terms of performance, support and features). Main focus of this task was performance. My company has a online shop that is generating a huge ammout of queries. This was an important task, because we planned to redesign whole project with ORM in order to improve efficiency and get rid off all the complex stored procedures with business logic. I selected...

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