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8 maja, 2018

For some time now I am working quite heavily on AWS in my current project. And of course we try and give our systems the shape of micro services (who wouldn't?). When using micro services architecture it is very often a good practice to not use a single database to which every single service is connecting whenever it needs data. Instead it is recommended to give every service which uses data its own database to store its model. AWS give us a very interesting NoSql database named DynamoDb which purpose is...

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I think its no secret that more and more development teams are trying to take more of a micro service oriented approach (and for all the good reasons). With the power that cloud providers give plus the benefit of container (Docker and Kubernetes) I think it is inevitable that micro services will become a standard. Of course this approach is not problem proof but it allows us to move some of the monolith type application issues somewhere else where we have more flexibility

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This week we had serious case of "how come it doesn't work on production? It did work on my laptop". After the release one core function did not work. Not in a sense that it threw exception. More like it didn't apply the changes it was suppose to. We opened the code, we looked at it and we scratched or heads wondering "what the hell is going on?!". This specific method that was responsible for the work even had good unit tests that were finishing successfully. We eventually found the cause of the issue a...

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