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Welcome the summer with the release of the early preview of the Telerik UI for MAUI suite!All Products Product BundlesDevCraft All Telerik .NET tools and Kendo UI JavaScript components in one package. Now enhanced with:Conversational UIOnline TrainingDocument Processing LibraryEmbedded Reporting for web and desktopWebKendo UIUI for jQueryUI for AngularUI for ReactUI for VueUI for ASP.NET AJAXUI for ASP.NET MVCUI for ASP.NET CoreUI for BlazorUI for SilverlightUI for PHPUI for JSPMobileUI for MAUIUI for X...

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A new Blazor feature for ASP.NET Core 6 is custom events. With them, we can add custom logic to browser events. In this post we are going to implement a “multimedia paste”. What we will do is allow users to paste both text and images into a textarea. For that we will use a custom event. For this example I will use ASP.NET Core 6 and a Blazor WASM app. We need to configure the new event in two places, in JavaScript and in Blazor. Let’s start with JavaScript. JavaScript In JavaScript we ind...

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News.NET 6 Preview 4 Ships 'Ready for Real-World Testing'David Ramel05/25/2021 Many features in the just-shipped .NET 6 Preview 4 are close to being in final form, Microsoft says, making it "ready for real world testing if you haven't yet tried .NET 6 in your environment." That doesn't mean it's ready for production use, though, as "go live" builds for that aren't expected until August, ahead of a newly finalized Nov. 9 GA release date. At that time, Microsoft's massive effort to unify all .NET...

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25th May 202125th May 2021Steve Gordon.NET 6 In .NET 6 (preview 4), two long-awaited types have been introduced as part of the core library. DateOnly and TimeOnly allow developers to represent either the date or time portion of a DateTime. These two new types are structs (value types) and may be used when your code deals with date or time concepts independently. Both types can be found in the System namespace. Using these new types may align well with how databases allow similar data to be represented. ...

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