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It’s a Thursday, which means: .NET open source drama. Last October, Dominick Baier and Brock Allen, the two creators and maintainers of IdentityServer, announced that IS’s current business model was inherently unsustainable and they’d be moving to a paid licensing model using the Reciprocal Public License (RPL) and under a new company, Duende Software, beginning with IdentityServer5. Last month Microsoft announced that they were going to continue to include Duende’s IdentityServer dependency in their...

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Programming adventuresdotnetdotnet-coreaspnetaspnet-coreComments So you want to learn .NET but you are confused about the differences between .NET Framework and .NET Core or what the various versions of ASP.NET are or what the relationship is between C# and F#? If that is the case then you came to the right place. This guide will cover all the basics of .NET and shed some light on the various acronyms and buzz words behind it! If you are new to .NET and you want to get a holistic overview of the enti...

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Richard June 3rd, 2021 The .NET or Common Language Runtime (CLR) type system is the foundation of the .NET programming model. We often talk about System.Object being the base of the type system, but it’s really the base of all (reference) types. The type system is (at least) one step lower than that. It defines that both reference and value types exist, that strings are immutable, that single-inheritence is allowed and multiple-inheritence is not, and that generics are a runtime concept. On the other h...

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HomeBlogHire MeIntroduction Continuing with my series on using HTMX with ASP.NET Core, I want to demonstrate how you can implement infinite scrolling. For this example, we are working with an application that displays a list of tweets. The Razor markup that displays this list is pretty straightforward. I loop through a list of tweets and, for each tweet, I show the username and avatar. I also display the content of the tweet and the time it was posted.

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In this article, I'll show you some of the tricks I use to pimp up my Windows Terminal and PowerShell.

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So, like me, you're using Windows. WSL isn't always reliable (e.g. VPN problems), yet you're working with Kubernetes and require autocomplete tools. I'm the same way :)

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Coyote is .NET library and tool designed to help ensure that your code is free of concurrency bugs. Concurrency bugs are hard to find and reproduce as they often depends on non-deterministics things such as timeout or message ordering. For instance, if multiple threads are waiting for a locked object, which one will acquired it first?

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HomeWorkshopsSpeakingMediaAboutContactSponsor Sponsored by: I've got 2 massive things to announce today that have been a long time in the works and by pure coincidence, have aligned such that I can share them together here today. One you would have been waiting for and one totally out of left field. Both these announcements are being made at a time where Pwned Passwords is seeing unprecedented growth: Getting closer and closer to the 1B requests a month mark for @haveibeenpwned's Pwned Passwords. 99.6...

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[EN] Troy Hunt: Pwned Passwords, Open Source in the .NET Foundation and Working with the FBI

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Demitrius May 26th, 2021 We started a journey to build a native package manager for Windows 10 when we announced the Windows Package Manager preview at Microsoft Build 2020. We released the project on GitHub as an open-source collaborative effort and the community engagement has been wonderful to experience! Here we are today at Microsoft Build 2021… We are excited to announce the release of Windows Package Manager 1.0!Windows Package Manager 1.0Client The winget client is the main tool you will use ...

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25th May 202125th May 2021Steve Gordon.NET 6 In .NET 6 (preview 4), two long-awaited types have been introduced as part of the core library. DateOnly and TimeOnly allow developers to represent either the date or time portion of a DateTime. These two new types are structs (value types) and may be used when your code deals with date or time concepts independently. Both types can be found in the System namespace. Using these new types may align well with how databases allow similar data to be represented. ...

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WSL2 git improvements

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Darmowa konferencja w tematyce kontenerów, docker i kubernetes

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I’m going to talk about reflection-heavy libraries; I will describe the scenario I’m talking about - as it is commonly used today, the status quo, giving a brief overview of the pros and cons of this, and then present the case that times have changed, and with new language and runtime features: it may be time to challenge our way of thinking about this kind of library. I’m a code-first kind of developer; I love the inner-loop experience of being able to tweak some C# types and immediately have everyth...

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Maarten Balliauw Loves web and HTTP, C#, Kotlin, Azure and application performance. Developer Advocate at JetBrains. Frequent speaker at and organizer of various community events. Likes brewing his own beer.Follow Antwerp, Belgium Twitter LinkedIn Github Edit on GitHub For a couple of months now, I’ve been pondering about what tools are at your disposal in .NET to help build and execute a supply chain attack. My goal was to see what is available out there, and what we, as .NET developers, should be awa...

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ProgramowanieNapisz komentarz Dziś wstępnie przyjrzymy się tematowi, który nieśmiało zyskuje ostatnio popularność. Są to testy mutacyjne. W jaki sposób możemy testować nasze testy? Co nam to daje? Dlaczego testy mutacyjne są świetnym uzupełnieniem code coverage? Jak „za darmo” wygenerować nowe przypadki testowe dla naszego kodu? Jeśli zainteresowały Cię te pytania, zapraszam do lektury 😉 Spis treściCo to są testy mutacyjne?Code coverage vs testy mutacyjneNarzędzia do testów mutacyjnychCo nam dają test...

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Current Issue   Past Issues   Topics The January/February 2021 issue of acmqueue is out now Subscribers and ACM Professional members login here Volume 19, issue 1 PDF There's more to it than you think. Nicole Forsgren, GitHub Margaret-Anne Storey, University of Victoria Chandra Maddila, Thomas Zimmermann, Brian Houck, and Jenna Butler, Microsoft Research Developer productivity is complex and nuanced, with important implications for software development teams. A clear understanding...

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Back to blogTymon FelskiFinite-state machines made easy Coordinating complex processes, both business and technical, can be a challenging issue in a distributed system. Especially when the complications associated with them, such as concurrency, idempotency, scalability and hindered testability, come into play — possibly all at once. This is definitely something that can keep many programmers awake at night. While this may sound dramatic, in reality there are many different solutions t...

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Writing a sqlite clone from scratch in C Overview View on GitHub (pull requests welcome)What format is data saved in? (in memory and on disk)When does it move from memory to disk?Why can there only be one primary key per table?How does rolling back a transaction work?How are indexes formatted?When and how does a full table scan happen?What format is a prepared statement saved in? In short, how does a database work? I’m building a clone of sqlite from scratch in C in order to understand, and I’m going...

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If you want to know : - why I think that distributed systems are like Rocky Balboa. - the difference between Saga, Process Manager and Choreography. Here's my take on that together with the real-world samples.

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This post comprises infographics showing various loop optimizations that happen in C# (dotnet). I've also tested simple loops in GO and Rust, but they need more tests, and separate posts will be made for these compilers; Go and Rust's tests will be in the bonus section of this article. Warning: Compilers improve with time. Therefore, most graphics will contain the compiler version. Let's start with C# and two of its primary optimizations:Loop CloningLoop HoistingLoop Cloning: Loop cloning is a very ...

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Loop Optimizations in C#

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