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Marcin Węgrzyn
Marcin Węgrzyn
218 dni, 6 godzin, 39 minut temu
16 kwietnia, 2017

It’s a good practice to make all things done at the first approach. But in the real world it’s ot always possible - for example we need to ask customer for clarification and it will take some time, or worst - we don’t have enough time right now to implement things in the right way. In order to adress this issue, a TODO was invented to mark all those places in code requiring additional work. But the main disadvantage of TODO is that we mark code with it, commit it and forget about it. Sometimes somebody a...

How to manage TODO in your codebase. · CEZARY PIĄTEK

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How many programmers you know use ‘yield‘? Seriously, if you have an occasion, ask them – I’m afraid you will notice a strange thing – everybody heard about it but (almost) nobody (including me) uses it. Time to change it! Why? Because ‘yield‘ was introduced in C# 2.0 (yeeeah, it’s that old!) and can help you get rid of some of the ‘temp’ collections in your code and, what’s more important, it may prevent you from System.OutOfMemory exception.

Let’s make ‘yield return’ our best friend! – A Girl Among Geeks

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