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9 stycznia, 2013

Jak zbytna ufność temu, co wygeneruje resharper czy visual studio zmarnowała pewnej blondynce 8h pracy (a łącznie firma straciła na tym błędzie 10-12 godzin). A wystarczyło czytać.

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Code is a cost and has a negative value, yes I said it finally. “Most startups die because they build the wrong product. The core risks are rarely technical; if no one wants the product, building it well won’t change the outcome.” - Zach Tellman In 2013, I went to the 2nd edition of DevDay. This was my first conference ever in the different city. It was a blast. The team behind it recently started a new event - DevConf - knowing Rafal and Michal it will be great, check it out. In 2013, I remembered on...

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Interesting code review of less complex code. With some surprising and less surprising tips.

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In this talk, I will present techniques for efficient incremental processing of complex analytical queries, ranging from classical SQL queries to linear algebra programs. Our system, called DBToaster, compiles declarative database queries into high-performance stream processing engines that keep query results (views) fresh at very high update rates. DBToaster uses a recursive query compilation algorithm that materializes a supporting set of higher-order delta views to achieve a substantially lower view m...

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Problem chyba tak stary jak stare są aplikacje liczące pieniądze – jak reprezentować kasę w kodzie aplikacji? W świecie .NET jedną z częściej pojawiających się odpowiedzi jest po prostu decimal jednak tak naprawdę jest to tylko połowa odpowiedzi. W każdym razie jeśli chcielibyśmy to zrobić w duchu OOP i OOD.

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Co to jest kontener IoC? IoC czyli Inversion of Control lub też odwrócenie zależności, brzmi bardzo ogólnie, ale co się pod tym kryje? Możemy tutaj zaliczyć wzorzec fabryki, service locatora (lub też antywzorzec), czy też dependency injection i na tym ostatnim się skupimy. Wzorzec ten może zostać zaimplementowany np. poprzez: constructor injection, property injection, jednak najbardziej sensowny jest ten pierwszy sposób. Polega on na wstrzyknięciu zależności poprzez konstruktor. Kontener IoC ma nam...

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Simulating microservices using F# and Posted on by Michal Franc I have this small hobby project called Overseer. It is a tool used to debug and troubleshoot microservices. I was planning to use it in production, but because that is the only prototype. I decided to use it with simulated services. This way it will be a lot easier to create many different ‘test’ scenarios. The current solution for spawning those ‘tests services’ is implemented in and F#. Why these technologies? I just ...

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University degree and IT Posted on by Michal Franc University degree importance in IT is a big topic of many discussion around the internet, I also received a question like that. Q: Is University degree really that important for future career in IT sector. Wouldn’t it be better to start working as soon as possible and sacrifice study time for more work experience. I am a student now, and I do feel now that studying is limiting my potential and growth. The things that, I am doing now in my work are co...

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Take care of your test code Posted on by Michal Franc As developers we tend to write complicated unit tests that are hard to read and maintain. Maybe it comes from the feeling that test code is not a proper code ? There is some magic in writing ‘proper’ unit tests. Using word proper might not be even suitable here because how do you define ‘proper’. It is the same problem as with the definition of ‘unit, everyone has his own definition that depends on the context. Code below feels like not ‘proper’ ...

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From procedural to functional – an example in F# Posted on by Michal Franc In this blog post, I show little code review of a code sent to me by friend. The code is quite simple example on how to read XML file using XmlProvider. My friend’s biggest concern was that his code is still procedural and not ‘functional’. I was asked if this code can be refactored to be more functional, whatever it means. First of all, the code that I got, is fine and most importantly it works. Even when you are using F# to ...

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TDD / Unit Testing big list of learning resources from basics to advanced topics Posted on by Michal Franc One of my fellow dev friends asked about a set of links, books, screen-casts related to TDD / Unit Testing. He wants to expand his knowledge. Instead of sending him a private message, I thought that it would be great to just create a blog post with all the resources, I used in the past to learn.Basics Presentation - Video: Unit Testing and TDD – Why You Should Care and How to Make It Happen By R...

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Akka.NET simple example with Github Api Posted on by Michal Franc In this post I want to a simple introduction to Akka.NET using an example app based on Github api. I have been diving into Akka .NET lately. My first encounter with this technology was on Vaughn Vernon workshop in Krakow. The main event had couple of side presentation and one of them was about Akka project in Java world. It was a magic to me. Couple years later, I accidentally found ( probably on twitter ) Bartosz Sypytkowski blog and ...

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Boost your dev productivity with cmder + ConEmu Posted on by Michal FrancUnix world and awesome tmux In unix world there is a nice ‘tool’ ‘tmux’ - terminal multiplexer. With ‘Terminal Multiplexer’, you can nicely split up screen and have multiple terminals visible in front of your eyes. While working with python, on one of the screens I had vim running, then there was a screen for interactive Python plus small terminal to issue git commands. I could easily jump between ‘screens’ and also have diffe...

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Docker here docker there docker everywhere – Getting started with docker in .NET with F# Posted on by Michal Franc Docker here docker there docker everywhere – Getting started with docker in .NET and F# If you are in IT world, you surely heard or read about docker. There was / is a huge hype about this technology. It looks like this one might actually survive the initial ‘It’s awesome phase’. I was looking for some info about docker. It was confusing to get to know what docker really is. Too much mar...

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TL;DR; Feedback is crucial for your career. Be proactive, get out of your closet and ask for it!

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In this post, I want to go beyond “Hello World” and show real life examples. F# and Nancy – Where to start ?

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Game programming with F#, C# and SFML – GameLoop Posted on by Michal Franc I am a F# apprentice. The best way to learn new language is to do some project. That’s why I have started to code one game idea that was following me for some time. Core concept: sci-fi settingroguelikeinspired by: dwarf fortressprison architectcataclysm dda Because I don’t care about the graphics but the game-play, the graphic I am going to use will be an ASCII styles tile set. You know symbols, characters, letters and some...

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Get out of your comfort zone – Vim the social connector Posted on by Michal Franc I am a .Net developer, mostly. Sure, I am exploring Python, node.js and other technologies, still my work is mostly related to C# and recently I am having fun with F#. I can say that as of now I am tied to one platform and I mostly attending meetups and conferences slightly related to it. Recently I have gone to one of the meetups and I had opportunity to chat with awesome PHP programmers. Boy that was fun. MS technol...

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I have started learning F# again, thanks to @isaac_abraham and his great presentation in my company. This time hopefully, I will move past the “WTF”, barrier and move to “AHA” moment. I am ready to finally start serious F# learning with couple of milestones like: project euler, tool, web-app, complex project. I will try to document whole process on the blog. I want to force myself and learn new functional paradigm. Hopefully it will give me a new way to loo...

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Last time I finished on negative values requirement. This will be the “almost” last part of the series about String Calculator Kata. There was some interest in more practical TDD examples in business context with services, layers, mocks and external dependencies like database. I will start next series to cover scenarios like that. Current kata is...

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