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4 marca, 2016

Series of meetups and workshops about .NET Core!

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Posted on by Lukasz Pyrzyk This year a have a pleasure to be a speaker on the one of the biggest dev conference in Poland – 4Developers. It is a conference focused on the four assumptions – idea, interdisciplinarity, participation and community. During one day you can listen and watch presentation of more than 130 speakers and learn new things from 13 paths like .NET, Java, Javascript or gamedev. I will present .NET Core in 2017, which is a talk about present current architecture of .NET, .NET Standar...

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.NET framework in version 4.5 provides a cool improvement into Garbage Collector – server mode. This option allows GC to be more efficient on modern hardware. MSDN contains a great article about this feature, which I really recommend you to read. ASP.NET has Server mode turned on by default. Nothing stands on the way of enabling server mode on console app. You can do it with app.config and three lines in xml. My project Kronos is a distributed cache system, where GC will have a lot of work. How to en...

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Any Kronos client will be available to use three basic commandsInsertGetDelete In future I want to add few more, like Count and GetKeys. Each of requests to the server serialized to binary form is preceded by few bytes of meta-data, including RequestType. In code its represented as a Request class, which in addition to type has two generic methods. At the beginning they might look difficult, but they are quite simple. First of them is responsible for sending any request to the server via special connec...

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Packing and publishing nuget from standard .NET project is very simple. Create or generate nuspec file and runnuget pack The appearance of the Core framework and project.json file caused the a little change. Due to historical reason, in .NET Core we have two command line interfaces with utilities for packages.DNU – DNX utility, used in project

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In the third post about XGain I would like to say something about the heart of server. TcpListener is a great class to build server. It has a normal and async methods, you can choose between Socket and TcpClient. Unfortunately writing this same logic for new project might be boring.

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Architektura 1328 dni, 16 godzin, 33 minuty temu kapral18 40 źrodło rozwiń

In this talk, I will present techniques for efficient incremental processing of complex analytical queries, ranging from classical SQL queries to linear algebra programs. Our system, called DBToaster, compiles declarative database queries into high-performance stream processing engines that keep query results (views) fresh at very high update rates. DBToaster uses a recursive query compilation algorithm that materializes a supporting set of higher-order delta views to achieve a substantially lower view m...

Tagi: performance, SQL
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Network layer is really hard to test and debug. XGain works on the Socket class level and this class doesn’t have an interface. That means testing of any component references to this type is really hard, but everything is possible.

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.NET framework has a Socket class to deal with low-level networking. Standalone synchronous server based on Socket is not so difficult, here is an example:. Microsoft has provided two ways of creating high performance TCP/IP server. The most cool is SocketAsyncEventArgs with event-based system

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New plugin for Visual Studio 2015 – Microsoft ASP.NET and Web Tools (download here) provides new templates for .NET Core – Console Application and Class Library. These templates are the base structure for all multi-platform projects in .NET. Let’s start with executable type – Console Application. By default this one contains three files – AssemblyInfo.cs, Program.cs and project.json. Program file provides an entry point for application – just like normal static Main method in .NET Framework. The last ...

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Continuous Integration dla projektu opartego o .NET Core

Tagi: .Net, .net core, C#, CI, dotnet
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Daj się poznać 2016 1344 dni, 10 godzin, 8 minut temu kapral18 121 źrodło rozwiń

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