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Nice journey behind us! You did really great job to be here with us in episode 6. We started this course with introduction where we tried to explain goal, rules and technology stack. Next we did core architecture of our application, few first features and we showed you basic concepts...

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First bunch of features are done and it’s time to look at very important matter – security. As long as we create apps only for ourselves we don’t care about it. Sometimes we release one of those applications somewhere on the Internet and we still don’t care about security. Why? We forgot o...

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What’s up, back-end master? Did you finish previous episode with fully working application, with configured database and tested accounts system? I hope so, because now it’s time for the front-end! As you may know from our introduction post, front-end of our application will be mostly based on React. But that’s not all!

Getting started on ASP.NET Core & React – episode 03 -

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Przy okazji projektu DevMovies postanowiłem wypróbować bibliotekę ReactJS.NET. W tym poście znajdziecie kilka przemyśleń i uwag dotyczących ReactJS.NET zebranych w trakcie realizacji projektu.

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AngularJS is a great tool and really helps to write maintainable  and testable code pretty FAST. But I think everyone who uses AngularJS encountered performance issues with this framework. I made some tests on Internet Explorer, where ngRepeat directive can be really slow while rendering. In this post you can see how to use ReactJS or Mithril to improve performance of AngularJS rendering

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