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Jak się obejść bez Moq i NSubstitute - proste użyj Fake'ów

You can live without mocking frameworks

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About two years ago I blogged about an upcoming experimental IO API in the .NET world - at the time provisionally called "Channels"; at the end of May 2018, this finally shipped - under the name System.IO.Pipelines. I am hugely interested in the API, and over the last few weeks I'm been consumed with converting StackExchange.Redis to use "pipelines", as part of our 2.0 library update. My hope in this series, then, is to discuss:what "pipelines" arehow to use them in terms of codewhen you might want to u...

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Posted on : By Grzegorz KotfisBlog Code  A few days ago I resolved simple kata on Codewars – „Disemvowel Trolls” This particular kata is of type ‚remove vowels from the string’ – easy peasy. One of the many approaches to this kind of problem is:RegexString replacingLoop with checkLambda expression (in this case Linq) I’ve decided to give a shot Linq approach this time and what first came to mind? Use Except! Treat this string as a collection of chars and remove from it t...

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Czasami async/await w lambda nie jest potrzebne

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Czasami async/await w lambda nie jest potrzebne

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W artykule chciałem pokazać sposób na testowanie query GraphQL'owych za pomocą biblioteki FsCheck co pozwoli na wyłapanie błędów, które byłyby trudne do znalezienia przy manualnym testowaniu, bądź przy testach jednostkowych. Zapraszam do lektury :)

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Testing GraphQL queries with FsCheck library

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O mnie Posted on Mon 11 February 2019 in .NET With many great features C# 7 comes with new and shiny pattern matching. I know that this feature is less usable then in other languages, but it add new possibilities to coding. In this article I want to share with you my experiments with monads.Optional I believe that some of you know that null exception is big pain in developer life. I hear that even null creator say that this was a "billion-dollar mistake" to invent null. In other hand some l...

Programming warfare – Functional flavor in C# 7 with pattern matching

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Implementacja singletona w C# może być trudniejsza niż się wydaje...

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Don't ask me about Singletons

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Żeby sprawdzić poprawność adresu email, wcale nie trzeba męczyć się ze skomplikowanymi wyrażeniami regularnymi. W C# z pomocą przychodzi klasa MailAddress. Oczywiście jest to rozwiązanie wysokopoziomowe i wolne (rzuca wyjątki). Zapewnia jednak czytelność kodu.

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I often work on applications whose sole task is to execute a script at certain time or day. You may approach it in several ways, eg.: Task Scheduler (Windows), SQL Job (if it is a SQL task) or CRON in Linux. You may also write application, which would run in background and execute a script at certain time. The only question is – do you really want do it? In this post, I would like to introduce other solution to tasks like this. ...

Scheduled jobs made easy - Topshelf and Quartz.NET |

I’ve eventually decided to start using the *NIX system for the software development. Being a Windows user and the .NET developer for many years now, it might seem like a radical change, but let me tell you this – it was a great decision and here is the explanation.

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.NET on Linux – bye, Windows 10. | Piotr Gankiewicz

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In this post I will present the most popular Castle Windsor features encountered in typical enterprise applications.

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Last time I wrote a post about the commands. Events are quite similar to the commands – the main difference between these 2 patterns is that the events are related to the things that have actually happened to our entity e.g. by invoking the command. They’re also a core part of the DDD (Domain Driven Desing) and can be easily implemented within our software solution.

Handling domain events | Piotr Gankiewicz

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How null's are handled in switch statement in C#, Java and JavaScript

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[ENG] Składnia inicjalizatorów obiektów oraz kolekcji w C# (wraz z nową składnią inicjalizacji słowników z C# 6). Tekst raczej dla początkujących.

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In this post I will try to introduce the concept of validation using the Chain of Responsibility pattern (CoR), which I use successfull for years

[EN] Chain of Responsibility – an elegant way to handle complex validation

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Zawód programisty wiąże się z nieustannym wybieraniem pomiędzy złym, a gorszym. Nie inaczej jest ze słowem kluczowym var.

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Dylematy programisty: var

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CQS stands for the command query separation. There’s a chance that you may have not heard about it, but on the other hand the CQRS might ring a bell. Even though these 2 patterns have very much in common, there is a significant difference (definitely a bigger one than the additional “R” character within the CQRS acronym) in how do they apply to the architecture of our system. In this post I’ll focus on the CQS – the older brother of the CQRS – that will help you understand how to design the software that...

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In today’s post, I’ll describe what kind of interfaces have been defined in the Sentry project, and how you can take advantage of this knowledge, e.g. in order to create the custom metrics. I’ve tried to keep these interfaces as simple as possible, yet some of them require an explanation, mostly due to the fact, that even though the library itself is rather simple to use (I want to believe that it’s also what you think), it does not mean that the main methods when being executed, will return for example,...

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Opublikowano W poniedziałek pisałem, że nie testowałem scriptcs-sublime. To się już zmieniło. Zainstalowałem i działa. Co więcej zainstalowałem drugi plugin build-with-input a to wszystko po to aby móc do skryptu przesłać coś za pomocą klawiatury bezpośrednio z poziomu samego sublime text-a.Instalacja: w konsoli gita teleportuję się do C:\Users[uzytkownik]\AppData\Roaming\Sublime Text 2\Packages i wpisujemy magiczne znaki runiczne: git clone oraz gi...

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