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18 lipca, 2019

Jak skonfigurować poprawnie MongoDB w .NET?

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What are geospatial indexes? Recently I have been preparing to MongoDB Professional Developer certification program. I learnt there about something called Geospatial Queries and Indexes. This kind of index had been created to handle geospatial queries. Thanks to them we can easily get nearby places, calculate area, distance or find all points within certain coordinates range.GeoJSON Geospat...

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Opinions, thoughts, solutions by Paweł Pindel on Azure Functions v2 stopped working after release of Azure Functions v3 Did you experience that problem? Because me and my team did. We spent a lot of time looking for solution which appears to be actually really simple. However, I couldn’t find Microsoft information about that in recent changelogs, blog posts etc. But let me explain what the reason was. It seems like before deployme...

Tagi: .Net, Azure, C#, functions
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Recently I am starting a couple of new projects. One of them is my university open-source project helping to donate animal shelters. The first challenge every developer faces is the architecture. There are many possible architectural patterns. I wrote a post about choice between monolith and microservices here. But this post is about how to structure your solution. Clean architecture is one of the ...

Clean Architecture based on my open-source project

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MenuHomeAboutArchivesSubscribe Opinions, thoughts, solutions by Paweł Pindel on At the beginning, it is worth considering what asynchronous programming is and why it is better than synchronous. Asynchronous programming involves approaching the problem in a completely different way. The point is that the program code does not execute line by line, waiting each time for the end of the operation to move on. It allows us to speed up the program to a great extent, release the main t...

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Many people at the beginning of the project ask themselves - what architecture to choose? Would you not even think about it when starting your first serious project? I bet you would. In this post, I will try to answer this question from my perspective because I have always thought about it myself… until one day.

Architectural patterns - holiness or guideline?

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