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5 marca, 2016

CQS stands for the command query separation. There’s a chance that you may have not heard about it, but on the other hand the CQRS might ring a bell. Even though these 2 patterns have very much in common, there is a significant difference (definitely a bigger one than the additional “R” character within the CQRS acronym) in how do they apply to the architecture of our system. In this post I’ll focus on the CQS – the older brother of the CQRS – that will help you understand how to design the software that...

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In today’s post, I’ll describe what kind of interfaces have been defined in the Sentry project, and how you can take advantage of this knowledge, e.g. in order to create the custom metrics. I’ve tried to keep these interfaces as simple as possible, yet some of them require an explanation, mostly due to the fact, that even though the library itself is rather simple to use (I want to believe that it’s also what you think), it does not mean that the main methods when being executed, will return for example,...

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After a few days of a quite intensive coding, I’ve managed to implement the first, basic version of the Sentry project and its API, along with a few (by this I mean 2) fully functional examples. I’ll use the website and MSSQL “watchers”, as these are the only ones that are currently working, however there’s many more coming in the near future. Let’s dive into the code already, as it usually speaks for itself.

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In one of my previous posts I’ve told about my feelings for the repository pattern. Complaining about something is one thing (please, don’t even try to tell me, that you have never seen some piece of code, that made you cry like a baby), however, if we want to (pretend to) be professionalists, it is very important to come up with some ideas in order to solve the given problem (at least partially). In this post, I’ll present to you one of my solutions to the commonly misused repository pattern.

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Many of the programmers falls into the trap of creating too many unnecessary abstractions in code, that may introduce even more chaos and maintenance issues, instead of simplifying overall project structure and providing some real benefit. One of such abstractions, that have been discussed countless number of times, is the (one and only) repository pattern.

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