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2 marca, 2016

If you are writing your next new $1 million startup, you are definitely looking for free private repository. GitHub doesn’t offer that, so you can choose Bitbucket or GitLab. Recently Microsoft renamed their Visual Studio online that became Visual Studio Team Services.  Let’s take a look can team services free private repositories serve your new awesome startup. To start with Visual Studio Team Services you can follow this link: vsts free ac...

Tagi: git, VSTS
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Jak sprawić, żeby Twój blog był popularny? Nie wiem, ale podzielę się tym czego nauczyłem się podczas dajsiepoznac.

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Annoyed with starting multiple services in different terminals? If yes, take a look on this post and start using PM2 to handle this for you.

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ASP.NET Core with PM2

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Właśnie pojawił się ASP.NET Core RC2. I ciągle nie udało mi się zmigrować mojej prostej aplikacji. Ale jeżeli też próbujesz... sprawdź.

Microservice on ASP.NET Core RC2 on Ubuntu - Michał Ogłuszka

Używasz dockera? Tutaj znajdziesz kilka przydatnych komend.

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Docker commands cheatsheet

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My latest post about Xamarin Visual Studio Templates beat the record of visits. That’s why, I have decided to explore Xamarin development more. I have chosen to go with Xamarin Forms and Visual Studio.

Tagi: Xamarin
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Xamarin Forms and Visual Studio - Michał Ogłuszka

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Google lies... or we are bad with writing posts. Quick explanation how to set your docker with coreclr.

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[EN] Docker with coreclr

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First look on Xamarin Visual Studio Templates and OMG... there is so many things there? Which one should I choose?

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Xamarin Visual Studio Templates - Michał Ogłuszka

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I had number of issues with my gulp and managing bootstrap files. Quick summary of investigation that I have made.

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[EN] Gulp fails with bootstrap - common issues

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Is gulp-load-plugins something useful or not? Reviewing...

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[EN] gulp-load-plugins to simplify Gulp script

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If you have any issues with gulp, please take a look. Quick introduction to debugging gulp-debug with gulp.

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[EN] Debugging Gulp with gulp-debug - Michał Ogłuszka

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Po co mi front-end pipeline i z czym to się je. Jak zwykle podążając za KISS ustawiam Gulp a pod projekt webowy.

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Front-end build pipeline with Gulp - Michał Ogłuszka

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Express - The easiest hosting server for your static HTML files.

Tagi: Express
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[EN] KISS Server for Static HTML File with Express

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This is what you need to have in your web project and first step to build your frontend build pipeline.

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Setting up Bower and Bootstrap

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Very KISS approach to setting up "microservice" on ASP.NET Core 1.0. And by the way... on Ubuntu.

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[EN] Microservice with ASP.NET Core & MVC 6

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How to do REST with Web API 2.0 KISS way? Here you have only required things. Nothing more, nothing less. Ohhh... have I told you that it's done on Ubuntu? Take a look.

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[EN] KISS REST Service with Web API 2.0

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KISS approach to clarify how new ASP.NET 5.0 vs ASP.NET Core works.

Tagi: ASP MVC 5
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[EN] KISS ASP.NET 5.0 on Ubuntu

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Is this really a great couple? It doesn't seem to be easy, so let us test and see.

Tagi: ASP MVC 5, docker
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[EN] ASP.NET 5.0 and Docker on Windows

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.NET developer without Windows? Will Ubuntu come for rescue? Installing .NET Core 1.0 on Ubuntu... Last time when I was using ASP.NET it was… ASP.NET 3.5. And now I hear that there will be 1.0? Let’s see what can be done, but we need to start with .NET Core. As I never read instructions and documentation…

[EN] Microsoft loves Linux… Ubuntu & .NET Core 1.0 – Michał Ogłuszka

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So you have an idea? That’s great! I had them as well and I have stopped counting how many times I have failed to realize them. Ideas may be different:you may be a developer that want to write supercooltotallynotfacebookuniquesocialportal that will let you earn million dollars...

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