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azure devops · devops · WydarzeniaProgrammer-girl Nie pisałam tutaj już od jakiegoś czasu – a to dlatego, że intensywnie pracuję nad Kursem Azure DevOps. Tworzymy go razem ze Stanisławem Bugalskim już od kilku miesięcy. Planujemy wystartować w połowie lipca, a do piątku 11.06. do godz. 20:59 trwa przedsprzedaż. Tyle reklamy, teraz przejdźmy do materiałów, z których możecie sie czegoś nauczyć.Moje materiały o Azure DevOps O Azure DevOps już nie raz pisałam tutaj na blogu. Jeśli jesteście ciekawi innych...

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Rendering PDFs with Razor Templates and PuppeteerSharp in Azure Functions A couple of weeks ago, we looked at how to use Puppeteer with Node.js Azure Functions to take screenshots of web pages. Today, we'll look at how to render PDFs in Azure Functions using Razor and the C# port of Puppeteer, PuppeteerSharp. A common usage of this is generating something like an invoice. We'll create PDF invoices for our favorite fictitious online store, Tailwind Traders. Overview We'll run ASP.NET Core Razor Pages ...

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Rendering PDFs with Razor Templates and PuppeteerSharp in Azure Functions

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Programming adventuresdotnetdotnet-coreaspnetaspnet-coreComments So you want to learn .NET but you are confused about the differences between .NET Framework and .NET Core or what the various versions of ASP.NET are or what the relationship is between C# and F#? If that is the case then you came to the right place. This guide will cover all the basics of .NET and shed some light on the various acronyms and buzz words behind it! If you are new to .NET and you want to get a holistic overview of the enti...

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Alexey GolubHomeBlogProjectsTalksMonadic Comprehension Syntax via LINQ in C#17 minutes to readdotnet, csharp, tricks If you ask a C# developer to list the reasons why they enjoy working with the language, they will most likely put LINQ somewhere at the top. LINQ is an extremely convenient set of language tools that provide ways to query and transform data sequences of arbitrary shapes and origins, in a fluent, lazy, and efficient manner. LINQ itself is made up of multiple pieces, but from the consumer ...

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It’s a Thursday, which means: .NET open source drama. Last October, Dominick Baier and Brock Allen, the two creators and maintainers of IdentityServer, announced that IS’s current business model was inherently unsustainable and they’d be moving to a paid licensing model using the Reciprocal Public License (RPL) and under a new company, Duende Software, beginning with IdentityServer5. Last month Microsoft announced that they were going to continue to include Duende’s IdentityServer dependency in their...

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Bycie dobrym Tech Liderem wymaga doskonalenia zarówno umiejętności technicznych, jak i miękkich. Zauważyłem, że przez dłuższy czas skupiałem się na aspektach technicznych, zaniedbując obszar umiejętności miękkich. Czułem się bardzo zajęty i kręciłem się w kółko. Po poznaniu w jaki sposób odpowiednio delegować, udaje mi się zaoszczędzić czas i koncentruje się na rzeczach, które są dla mnie ważne.

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HomeBlogHire MeIntroduction Continuing with my series on using HTMX with ASP.NET Core, I want to demonstrate how you can implement infinite scrolling. For this example, we are working with an application that displays a list of tweets. The Razor markup that displays this list is pretty straightforward. I loop through a list of tweets and, for each tweet, I show the username and avatar. I also display the content of the tweet and the time it was posted.

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Richard June 3rd, 2021 The .NET or Common Language Runtime (CLR) type system is the foundation of the .NET programming model. We often talk about System.Object being the base of the type system, but it’s really the base of all (reference) types. The type system is (at least) one step lower than that. It defines that both reference and value types exist, that strings are immutable, that single-inheritence is allowed and multiple-inheritence is not, and that generics are a runtime concept. On the other h...

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In this article, I'll show you some of the tricks I use to pimp up my Windows Terminal and PowerShell.

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Today I want to invert the classical pro-agile drawing. Let’s talk about the devaluation of functionality that occurs in Agile projects and the cases when Agile is not enough.

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Tym razem pokaże Ci jak stworzyć aplikację core.

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News.NET 6 Preview 4 Ships 'Ready for Real-World Testing'David Ramel05/25/2021 Many features in the just-shipped .NET 6 Preview 4 are close to being in final form, Microsoft says, making it "ready for real world testing if you haven't yet tried .NET 6 in your environment." That doesn't mean it's ready for production use, though, as "go live" builds for that aren't expected until August, ahead of a newly finalized Nov. 9 GA release date. At that time, Microsoft's massive effort to unify all .NET...

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A new Blazor feature for ASP.NET Core 6 is custom events. With them, we can add custom logic to browser events. In this post we are going to implement a “multimedia paste”. What we will do is allow users to paste both text and images into a textarea. For that we will use a custom event. For this example I will use ASP.NET Core 6 and a Blazor WASM app. We need to configure the new event in two places, in JavaScript and in Blazor. Let’s start with JavaScript. JavaScript In JavaScript we ind...

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So, like me, you're using Windows. WSL isn't always reliable (e.g. VPN problems), yet you're working with Kubernetes and require autocomplete tools. I'm the same way :)

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Coyote is .NET library and tool designed to help ensure that your code is free of concurrency bugs. Concurrency bugs are hard to find and reproduce as they often depends on non-deterministics things such as timeout or message ordering. For instance, if multiple threads are waiting for a locked object, which one will acquired it first?

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HomeWorkshopsSpeakingMediaAboutContactSponsor Sponsored by: I've got 2 massive things to announce today that have been a long time in the works and by pure coincidence, have aligned such that I can share them together here today. One you would have been waiting for and one totally out of left field. Both these announcements are being made at a time where Pwned Passwords is seeing unprecedented growth: Getting closer and closer to the 1B requests a month mark for @haveibeenpwned's Pwned Passwords. 99.6...

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K8s rządzi, przynajmniej w ogłoszeniach o pracę i w głowach developerów i edytorach ludzi od DevOps. Ale czy tak zostanie? Czy to jest najlpesza droga? Co czeka nas poza K8s i kontenerami? Moja opinia, wyrażana na blogach i konferencjach w tym odcinku podcastu: - Dlaczego K8s jest trudny i co się stanie z tą technologią w długim okresie czasu? - Gdzie spotyka się K8s i serverless i kto wygra? - Co czeka nas na krawędzi, czyli może popatrzmy w Edge Computing BONUS! Zapytany o tak zwany "burnout" odpowiadam!

IT i TO | #10: Kij w kontener! Gdzie idziemy? K8s, serverless i edge - opinia!

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Demitrius May 26th, 2021 We started a journey to build a native package manager for Windows 10 when we announced the Windows Package Manager preview at Microsoft Build 2020. We released the project on GitHub as an open-source collaborative effort and the community engagement has been wonderful to experience! Here we are today at Microsoft Build 2021… We are excited to announce the release of Windows Package Manager 1.0!Windows Package Manager 1.0Client The winget client is the main tool you will use ...

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25th May 202125th May 2021Steve Gordon.NET 6 In .NET 6 (preview 4), two long-awaited types have been introduced as part of the core library. DateOnly and TimeOnly allow developers to represent either the date or time portion of a DateTime. These two new types are structs (value types) and may be used when your code deals with date or time concepts independently. Both types can be found in the System namespace. Using these new types may align well with how databases allow similar data to be represented. ...

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People want to scale up everything. In the past, the recipe for everything was to buy a larger server. Today, the answer is to add another instance. Does it always make sense? “Will it scale?” is not a question, it is a mantra. In my opinion, the best is to verify if you need to scale it at all. Read my take in my newest article.

How to scale projections in the event-driven systems? - Oskar Dudycz

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