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Minęły ponad 2 lata odkąd ogłosiłem projekt "Książka" w maju 2016 roku. Wtedy jeszcze nie zdawałem sobie sprawy jak potężne jest to przedsięwzięcie, choć oczywiście wiedziałem, że łatwe nie jest.

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RyuJIT is the code name for the .NET just-in-time compiler, one of the foundational components of the .NET runtime. In contrast, the Roslyn C# compiler compiles C# code to IL byte code. The RyuJIT compiler compiles IL byte code to machine code for multiple processors. With the recent merge of the dotnet/coreclr #18064 pull request, the...

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Microsoft nareszcie udostępnił wersje produkcyjna Azure Kubernetes Service. Klika słów i linków na temat AKS ode mnie.

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This article renders the previousones obsolete (which they already were at this point anyway). EF Core vs NHibernate: Preface EF Core has made a lot of progress and it took me quite a while ...

Tagi: EF, efcore, nHibarnate
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Reducing memory allocations from 7.5GB to 32KB Table of Contents Context of the problem Establishing a baseline Easy win 1 Easy win 2 Splits are never cool Lists are not always nice Pooling byte arrays Goodbye StringBuilder Skipping commas The war between classes and structs Goodbye StreamReader TLDR

Tagi: C#, memory
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Version 1.24 is now available! Read about the new features and fixes from May.Dismiss this updateUpdatesUpdates Downloads: Windows | Mac | Linux 64-bit: .tar.gz.deb.rpm | Linux 32-bit: .tar.gz.deb.rpm Welcome to the May 2018 release of Visual Studio Code. You will notice several new features available for Preview in this milestone. Give them a try and let us know what you think.

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Since we launched Visual Studio 2017 in March of that year, it has become our most popular Visual Studio release ever. Your feedback has helped our team publish seven updates since our initial GA, which have improved solution load performance, build performance, and unit test discovery performance. We’ve also made Visual Studio 2017...

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Wstrzykiwanie zależności z wykorzystaniem kontenerów jest bardzo wygodne, ale też niesie z sobą trochę problemów. Jednym z tych problemów jest ilość oraz moment tworzenia obiektów. W tym wpisie pokaże ten problem oraz zaproponuje swoje rozwiązanie z wykorzystaniem obiektów Lazy. Poniżej jest przedstawiona dość standardowy kawałek kodu aplikacji ASP.NET MVC, w której jest wykorzystane wstrzykiwanie zależności przez konstruktor w formie interfejsów. Jak widać na kodzie pow...

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Sztuka programowania 1125 dni, 2 godziny, 54 minuty temu danielplawgo 111 źrodło rozwiń

How to test Azure function on localhost from the Internet? It is not easy, but doable. But we all know that everything in the computer science is doable, the only problem is the cost (time+money). Below a quick solution, worth less than 5 minutes of your time, including reading the post below, so I hope the effort is enough profitable.

Tagi: Azure, developer
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Querying logs is a must have. But to create simple queries, logs must be readable also for humans. Sometimes using default serialisation is not a way to go, and because we are good developers we have to fix it.

Tagi: Azure
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Debugging production is bad. Even access to production is bad. But debugging production is evil. I even cannot describe how evil I think it is. But if you ask most developers (including myself), they will say that this can be useful. Up to last week, I thought it cannot be done in safety way, but a new feature in Application Insights called Snapshot collector.

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I'm sure that you heard about .NET Standard. To simplify the definition just one quote from the offical GitHub repo FAQ .NET Standard is a specification that represents a set of APIs that all .NET platforms have to implement. This unifies the .NET platforms and prevents future fragmentation. BTW in case you don't know just read the full article Introducing .NET Standard. On the other hand, Owin is (from OWIN defines a standard interface between .NET web servers and web applications. The ...

Tagi: .Net, netcore
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I had a small problem, I need to grep IIS logs and search for few lines. There was only one problem - the size of logs. A few gigabytes of compressed data with 15% compress ratio. The interesting stuff for me happened between 9:00 and 10:00 AM, so everything after 10:00 AM I can just skip.Using a log aggregator. The best option for st...

Tagi: dotnet
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Here we go again. New Visual Studio, new NET Core tools. The question today is simple: Is VS2017 with new csproj useful or useless? Let's find it out.

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Did you ever fire someone? It is not common in IT teams. From time to time only team leader or manager decide to stop working with somebody. But can you imagine that developers team can fire 34 people. Just doing their every day work. Interested? Read more in my latestest blog post

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A few days ago I read a beautiful comment: The man without time tracking doesn't know what he did. What is the first thing to do after holidays? Fill time tracking.

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A few days ago, a new tool came from the Facebook team: Yarn package manager. The results published on the official Yarn web page are fantastic. I'm using local NPM gallery, so some of the NPM problems don't exist for me. Still, the npm install command is quite slow. How the yarn install command performs? Can it be much better? Let's check it out.

Tagi: JavaScript
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