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30 sierpnia, 2020

LukaszPosted on Imagine you’re starting to develop a new feature… and this time you decide to do it right. So, you started with Test-Driven development, because it’s part of your ethic to write tests (a surgeon never asks whether they should wash their hands before an surgery). It felt so good. And it felt so right. You’re satisfied with your code design and the fact that you’ve started with tests. And hey, the code coverage is pretty good too! You deployed this code to production and it is working rea...

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During the analysis of a certain process, you might end up with just one command that leads only to one event. It has happened to me during our first Process Level sessions. We did find commands to the events that we’ve spotted in the Big Picture session and it felt just right. Is It Really That Simple? There’s a catch though. You might end up with a model of the system that looks just like a CRUD. Is the whole system just a CRUD? Hmm… In most cases probably not. In my case, it was the s...

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Prosty sposób na postawienie testów integracyjnych z autoryzacja w .NET Core, wykorzystując biblioteki Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Testing i Microsoft.AspNetCore.TestHost

Setup Testów Integracyjnych Z Autoryzacja W .Net Core

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Wykonanie procedury składowanej w Entity Framework Core Procedury składowane są integralną częścią każdej bazy danych MS SQL. Są idealne do opakowania skomplikowanego kodu SQL w obiekt bazy danych, którego możemy ponownie użyć. Jak wykonać procedurę składowaną w Entity Framework Core 5? Przekonajmy się.

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LukaszPosted on This is a short interview with Vladimir Khorikov. Vlad is the Author of Unit Testing Principles, Practices, and Patterns book. He’s running blog since 2014 The blog is focused on Domain-Driven Design, functional programming, enterprise software development patterns, and best practices. Vlad is also the author of Pluralsight courses, such as CQRS in Practice, Domain-Driven Design in Legacy Projects, Functional Programming in C#, and many more. In t...

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