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17 czerwca, 2013

A first step into big data world.

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Automated coded UI testing become very popular in the past few years. Its allow developers to create tests which are executed directly on UI level and simulate user actions. At the same time HTML5 become a standard for creating universal modern applications which can be hosts in a native browser controls. New model of creating applications brings a new challenges in the testing fields that's why in this post I want to present my solution (it takes me almost two days to get this working!) which is fir...

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And how are you defining your variables?

Tagi: C#, dynamic, var
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Rest API is cool but what will you going to say about making is also fully asynchronous with async and await keywords? I invite you to read.

Tagi: API, MVC 4, REST
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In my previous post I wrote about first steps in creating Rest-full API by using ApiController. Now it`s time to make next step and go a little bit dipper inside web services created in MVC. In this post I want to describe two very important aspect:creating a real life scenario for web service implementation of POCO entityextend presented scenario and make it asynchronous To complete this tutorial one more class is needed. This class is a simple fake of some database which  is wrapper around a very few c...

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Introduction to MVC In the last few years a software architecture changed very heavily. From desktop (forms) application which were very popular in Windows XP users move to SOA and now completely start using web based solution hosting in a cloud. Of course such evolution is not something bad, just the opposite in my opinion because web based application are highly scalable, better secured and available from each place in the Earth where user has an Internet connection. Such a big changes in software ...

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When we use the Entity Framework (EF) in multilayer information systems sometimes we want to extend classes generated by EF by adding some common properties or functions. Such operation cant be conduct on *.edmx data model so we need to make some improvement in our solution. Lets begin... Lets assumed that in our soulution we have only three layer (three project):Client console application which has reference to the second layer  - 'ConsoleApplication' project nameClass library project with class i...

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Last week I get interesting task to develop. The task was to search input text in PDF file stored in database as FileStream. The task implementation took me some time so I decided to share it with other developers. Here we are going to use SQL Server 2008 R2 (x64 Developers Edition), external driver from Adobe, Full-Text Search technology and FileStream technology.Because this sems a little bit comlicated let`s make this topic clear and do it step by step. 1) Enable FileStream - this part is prett...

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Since SQL SERVER 2005 it is possible to store XML data in database by using dedicated data type - XML. This type solved many programming problems such storing XML data as simple text which was very unpleasant to maintenance  and detecting errors in document structure. Now stroring XML data is very simple and requires only the creation of column in XML data type. But sometimes we may want to do reverse operation. I mean generating XML document or fragment from non XML columns in a single SELECT statement....

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In SQL SERVER 2005 the most common data type for storing BLOBs was an IMAGE  datatype. When SQL Server 2008 and later SQL SERVER  2008 R2 occured the image datatypes coexists with several new and recomended by Mictosoft BLOB datatypes such varbinary(MAX). Let`s have a look: varbinary(max) /binary(n) variables store variable-length binary data of approximately n bytes, may store a maximum of 2 gigabytes.image variables store up to 2 gigabytes of data and are commonly used to store any type of data fi...

Tagi: blob, sql server
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In many of my projects  including last one I need to user N-Tier architecture for my application. This is very good approach because you can centralize your business logic and have many type of clients (WWW, mobile devices) thanks WCF and REST technology. The other thing is that most of business solutions displays some data in tabular format knows as grids and grid has always one problem: number of records increasing in time. So we need to ask ourselves do we really need to display all the data together ...

Tagi: C#, Pagination, WCF
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Almost in each modern website project one of the feature is suggesting user possible items to select when he start typing one of them. Such functionality is done by using control named autocomplete. Under the hood  it consists of at least three elements:UI control which allow user to type some text - mainly this in HTML input of text typeServer-side function which serves data to be auto-completedClient-side logic (written in JavaScript) which , by using AJAX, send request to the server asynchronously and...

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Sometimes its easier to reaload only part of the website witout reloading whole page. Thanks to AJAX technology such aproach is possible and easy to code. Lets begin. Firstly we need to configure our environment so we must have a Visual Studio with MVC 3  Razor isntalled on it. Razor can be obtained from here. After installation process completed , the second step is to set up a new WebStie project (Picture 1.) Picture 1.After you confirm Your project type choise, next window starts. On it You s...

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An asynchronous operations become very popular in modern programming because by using its developers can take full advantage of multicore processors and perform several operation at the same time. Multithreding exists in ASP.NET since 2.0 version but it was very sophisticated to use it. However starting from .NET 4.5, ASP.NET is fully compatible with all these great features. To demonstrate how to start with the asynchronous operation in ASP.NET 4.5 I`ve created very simple solution which consist of ...

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