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Today I will write about the way variance influences type checking in C#. Yes, the fact that one type can be passed to a generic method that requires another type, depends on these 2 small keywords we write before ‘T’ (or whatever 😉) in interface header.

Cannot implicitly convert type ‘Abc’ to ‘IAbc’ – Contravariance vs Covariance – part 2. – A Girl Among Geeks

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Have you ever seen these mysterious ‘in’ and ‘out’ keywords in generic interfaces’ definitions? If so, you’ve probably already checked what it means, but if not… You better read this and the next post. So today we will talk about the basics of variance in our own generic interfaces.

<in T> vs <out T> - Contravariance vs Covariance – (the easier) part 1. – A Girl Among Geeks

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