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I’m a really big fan of Scott Hanselman and the way he manages his personal/work time. While watching his „soft” talk titled „Scaling Yourself” I was surprised when he described his way of answering some questions coming from all over the world (via email). He said that each of us has a limited number of keystrokes until we die so, it’s such a waste to write a dedicated email with long answer and examples in the code. Why? Because we could optimize that process and share our knowledge with other folks ou...

When to use Include() with Entity Framework? - Forever F[r]ame

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Czym się różni Lazy Loading od Eager Loading? Co udostępnia nam EntityFramework? W jakim momencie wykorzystać dany sposób ładowania danych? Jak ładować dane? Zahaczymy też o JSON, SQL performance i inne. Zapraszam do lektury. | EntityFramework: Eager Loading vs Lazy Loading

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