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How to create token in ASP.NET Core

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Create token authentication in ASP.NET Core

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In this post we’ll focus on security. We’ll try to prove that claims base authentication is safe. As we remember SAML tokens are issued by “trusted” STS. But what exactly does “trusted” issuer mean? In this post, we’ll try to find definition of “trusted issuer”, a list of attributes which decide that issuer is trusted.

[EN] Security in WIF | Future Processing

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In this article we focus on sample service based on WCF (Windows Communication Foundation), as we will only try to build sample service with claims-based authentication and authorization. All technical aspects connected with security e.g. configuration, certificates, encryption, signature or CRL will be described in details in the next posts.

WCF services with claims-based authentication and authorization | Future Processing

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In the previous article basic information about authentication and authorization process on .Net has been presented. Security Token Service is an integral part of claim based approach. As we remember from the previous article, STS is responsible for handling user’s requests and creating tokens; it can also work in two modes: active and passive. In this article we focus on Active STS, as we will only try to build sample STS.

Introduction to Claims-Based Authentication and Authorization in .NET - how to build Active STS | Future Processing

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