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9 kwietnia, 2009

I published the second part of a review of "virtual developers" and at the end I answered the question from the title - will computers replace developers?

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Will Artificial Intelligence replace developers (part 2)? | Michał Komorowski

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I'm trying to answer the question if Artificial Intelligence will replace developers? And if yes, when?

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Since I started using SpecFlow acceptance tests, I think that they are simply great. If I had to select whether to write only unit tests or only acceptance tests, I would select the latter. Nonetheless, there is one important problem with SpecFlow...

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SpecFlow + .NET Core = problems | Michał Komorowski

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Recently, I was tricked by Roslyn, today by Json.NET. My bloody luck ;) Let's look at the following two very simple classes. Class A has one readonly property and I had to define a special constructor to allow Json.NET to set this property. B is also simple. It has one property, this time of type A with some default value...

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A while ago 2 of my SpecFlow tests started failing on the build server. At the same time, on a few local machines no problems were observed. I also didn't find any exceptions in the log, so I decided to log into the server and debug a problem there. Quite soon I figured out that the problem is in the algorithm that uses Roslyn to analyse and understand the code...

Tagi: roslyn
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Roslyn rme again | Michał Komorowski

Have you ever heard that "premature optimization is the root of all evil"? Probably yes. It's quite well known Donald Knuth's phrase. However, the whole cite is much less known...

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My last 2 posts were about problems with using Roslyn. Nonetheless, even if I sometime hate it, I'm still using it so the time has come to show some practical example of using Roslyn. Recently, I've been working on the task that can be summed up as: Take this ugly code and do something with it. i.e. more or less the refactoring task...

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How I removed 50% of the code | Michał Komorowski

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In my previous post I wrote about my problem with "empty" projects and Roslyn. The symptom was that in some cases according to Roslyn my C# projects didn't contain any files. For quite a long time, I haven't been able to find a solution. Especially because I couldn't reproduce problem on my local machine. Fortunately, today I noticed exactly the same problem on another computer.

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Why I hate Roslyn even more | Michał Komorowski

The more I work with Roslyn the more I appreciate the possibilities it gives and the more I hate it. And I hate it for the same thing as many other projects I worked with in the past. What is it? Well, I like when a system fails fast, fails loudly and fails in the clear way. Unfortunately, Roslyn can do something completely different what sometimes makes working with it the pain in ass. I'll give you some examples.

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Why I hate Roslyn | Michał Komorowski

Have you ever heard or used AutoMapper? What a question, of course you have. And in the very unlikely scenario that you haven't, it's the object to object mapper that allows you to map probably everything. In short no more manual, boring, tedious, error-prone mapping. However, the great power comes with great responsibility. In the recent time, I had an occasion to fix 2 difficult to track bugs related to improper usage of AutoMapper. Both issues were related to the feature of AutoMapper...

Tagi: AutoMapper
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Report from the battlefield #10 - fuck-up with AutoMapper | Michał Komorowski

This post from Report from the battlefield series will be about my own mistake. It is related to async/await and MARS i.e. Multiple Active Result Sets. async/await allows us to use asynchronous programming more easily. MARS is a feature of MSSQL that allows us to have more than one pending request opened per connection at the same time...

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Report from the battlefield #9 - async/await + MARS | Michał Komorowski

I'm working on the project where I have an opportunity to use Roslyn compiler as a service. It is very good :) However yesterday it took me more than 2 hours to write working unit tests (based on MSTest) for my code! Here are some tips that may save your time.

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Roslyn and unit tests suck | Michał Komorowski

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