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30 stycznia, 2014

The following tutorial is dedicated to all Excel professionals who are looking for solutions to optimize their daily work. There are more and more data to be processed every day in relatively short period of time, and here comes for help the Visual Basic for Applications.

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With the Agile thinking and approach to project management Scrum and Kanban becomes really popular nowadays. But adaptation of both shows to some teams that something is not working - Scrum is too strict, while Kanban is not structured enough. Here comes the need of something new. The mixture of Scrum and Kanban leads to the methodology called Scrumban. Let's have a closer look on it in a key aspects: roles, meetings and artifacts.

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How many times you've been thinking about better organization of your daily work? Starting from really basic stuff like tea time ending with automatic scripting work repeated frequently. Let me share a short list of improvements I've found thinking on that. Maybe you've got some other ideas?

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The ETag or Entity Tag is a part of HTTP protocol used for caching purposes. In the simplest way ETags are strings that help browser to identify and validate cache. Like almost everything the ETags can be inefficient while configured incorrectly. So let's have a closer look at them..

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ASP.NET MVC by default ships with two view engines: Web Forms and Razor. When we are creating a new ASP.NET MVC application both are being included in the application startup. Even when you are working with Razor only ASP.NET MVC resolves named views by searching for files that match the Web Forms view engine's naming convention at first. What can we do to change that and reduce the time needed to return a view to the end user? Let's have a look!

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Each time we are creating application with some kind of menu it is nice to have the basic functionality to highlight selected menu item. There are some solutions you can find in the Internet, however each time I've tried to use one it hasn't been working perfect. So let's create our own in three steps!

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Main menuMain pageAboutContact Share article via: You've read lot of articles about advanced C# constructions, new features, frameworks, etc. and at the end you are opening your solution and you start looking... and thinking... what is wrong the hell? Why my project is so f* boring? I'd like to change something. I want to have the cool application, which I want to be proud of and compare this solution with the ones I've read about. If this situations happened before this article is for you...

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Main menuMain pageAboutContact Share article via: You have web application administration panel and want to display data from Google Analytics in custom view, instead of opening the Google Analytics? Noting simpler! Google offers great API thanks to which we - developers, can get almost anything in easy way. Let's have a look how to get the PageViews number of our site from certain time period..

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There are a lot of discussions in the Internet about the sense of testing the code with private accessors. In my opinion all of the discussions coming from the wrong understanding of the topic. What is unit testing? It is a testing of units, not classes, not methods exposed by some API. The term private is supposed to be private to the consumer, not to unit tests. Let's have a look at it closer..

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All about the null-coalescing operator (better known as ??) in C#.

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Main menuMain pageAboutContact Share article via: From time to time there is a need of having a container to store different types objects. Of course there are KeyValuePairs, or some custom generic solutions, but managing the keys and values can be complicated or even over-complicated in some cases, and creating your own generic data structure can take some time, and bring additional code in the project. And here, there comes the concept of Tuple. Tuple has been introduced by Microsoft...

Tagi: .Net, C#, Tuple
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Never forget to turn off debugging on production by using 'retail' attribute in ASP.NET

Tagi:, debug, retail
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In this video you can find answers to the following questions: what is unit test? when to write unit tests? how to write unit tests? what is a Test Driven Development?

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