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Kuba Matjanowski
Kuba Matjanowski
1880 dni, 7 godzin, 37 minut temu
9 marca, 2017

Zarządzanie konfiguracją, opcjami i secratami w .NET Core ze wsparciem Dockera.

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The syntactic sugar is a helpful feature of C# language. We can use using(var tmp = new ...()) {} instead of Dispose(), we have common foreach instead of while loop with iterating enumerator, and we have await and async. But think a while… do we really need await word?

Tagi: async, await, C#, language
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Do we really need async?

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Engineers love the new tools – that’s a fact. New IDE release is kind of Christmast Eve for all developers of a platform. Releasing Visual Studio 2017 is not an exception! It has tens of cool features which are widely described all over the Internet. The problem is, that those tutorials and reviews are all in English and my Visual Studio installed in… a default language of my system – Polish. I can’t get so deep into a idea of translating IDE...

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