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23 sierpnia, 2015

It was always surprising to me that so few projects were started with data access concurrency in mind. I’ve heard many discussions about new fancy frameworks and UI controls the teams were about to use but possibility of concurrent access to users’ data didn’t appear to be a concern in their minds. Wen you think about it, it seems to be very logical. People have a natural tendency to avoid problems they haven’t encountered directly. There are so few people with attitude of challenging o...

[EN] Offline Pessimistic Lock in Entity Framework (or any other ORM) | WellDesignedSoftwareException

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I’ve recently seen a few articles about video streaming with raspberry pi using node.js streaming server and ffmpeg utility. It’s funny how easily you can create your own live video streaming with opensource tools and cheap mini-computer. But there are some problems with this approach. The highest resolution I was able to capture, encode and live stream was 160×120. It is too low to recognize people or plate numbers seen on the picture. There are also some network issues that make things...

Cheap web-cam monitoring in the Cloud with raspberry pi, ASP.NET MVC and Marionette.js | WellDesignedSoftwareException

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