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If you ever used Heroku services, you probably liked their release process. It is built around git. Every application you host there has its own repository. To deploy an application you simply push your changes to this repository and they do the magic. Have you ever wondered, how they do this magic? I did. So when I got my VPS in Digital Ocean to host my applications, I wanted to have a similar deployment experience like on Heroku.

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Quite recently I’ve started working on new features for the Warden project and published the first prelease version to the NuGet (along with other packages that are meant to be additional plugins). In this post, I will discuss the available extensions that are basically responsible for making the fluent API even more fluent and the integrations that are a totally new thing, implemented as separate plugins (similarly to the watchers), which provide a quick access to the external services that can be part...

[EN] Warden – extensions, integrations, NuGet | Piotr Gankiewicz

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Krótki artykuł o tym w jaki sposób organizować kod w projekcie Angularowym. Kilka rozwiązań na to w jaki sposób nazywać foldery i pliki tak aby projekt był lepiej zarządzany.

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Using multiple graphic apis by one interface

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O tym, jak zarejestrować w DI klasy z biblioteki 'rodzica' oraz wywołać dowolną metodę serwisu poprzez żądanie HTTP.

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HTTP Interface to a class – Michał Dymel – DevBlog

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Po co mi front-end pipeline i z czym to się je. Jak zwykle podążając za KISS ustawiam Gulp a pod projekt webowy.

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Front-end build pipeline with Gulp - Michał Ogłuszka

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Any Kronos client will be available to use three basic commandsInsertGetDelete In future I want to add few more, like Count and GetKeys. Each of requests to the server serialized to binary form is preceded by few bytes of meta-data, including RequestType. In code its represented as a Request class, which in addition to type has two generic methods. At the beginning they might look difficult, but they are quite simple. First of them is responsible for sending any request to the server via special connec...

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Architektura 355 dni, 23 godziny, 21 minut temu kapral18 41 rozwiń

Immutability is a quite old concept that is mostly related to the functional programming, however, it’s also (maybe not so widely) used in the object oriented programming. An immutable variable/object can not be mutated, which means that once it’s been initialized it will never change it’s original value/reference (unless it’s deallocated). This approach results in some great benefits such as out of the box thread safety, yet in the OOP world, it does seem to be quite often abused or even not used at al...

[EN] A word about immutability | Piotr Gankiewicz

Sztuka programowania 355 dni, 23 godziny, 21 minut temu spetz 68 rozwiń

In the following post we will handle touch events for buttons in that controller.

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[EN] Mindstorm with Xamarin: Let's create a controller, part 2

Mobile development 359 dni, 2 minuty temu Gekon 34 rozwiń

If you’re looking for a simple service for monitoring your MongoDB (things like opening a connection to the database or executing a query and processing the results), then you might find interesting a new type of the watcher added to the Sentry. The MongoDB watcher uses the C# MongoDB Driver under the hood but it’s been implemented in a way, that it’s possible to provide any driver that you’d like. In this post I’ll present how to use it and why it’s been implemented this way instead of another one.

[EN] Sentry – the MongoDB watcher | Piotr Gankiewicz

Daj się poznać 2016 359 dni, 2 minuty temu spetz 25 rozwiń

W ostatnim wpisie poruszyłem tematykę IoC i w przykładowym kawałku kodu dla LocationRepo znajduje się metoda GetLocations zwracająca typ IQueryable. Zwróciła na to uwagę pewna osoba odwiedzająca bloga i słusznie. Stwierdziłem więc, że lepiej będzie rozpisać się krótko na ten temat niż edytować poprzedni wpis. No więc dlaczego zwracanie typu IQueryable

Dlaczego nie zwracać typu IQueryable w repo? - Jakub Skoczeń

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In the following post we will create a controller to control movement direction of the vehicle with two motors as a drive...

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[EN] Mindstorm with Xamarin: Let's create a controller, part 1

Mobile development 362 dni, 5 minut temu Gekon 51 rozwiń

Opis sposobu tworzenia dynamicznych obiektów proxy za pomocą biblioteki Castle.DynamicProxy

Tagi: dajsiepoznac
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Opis architektury rozwiązania AppSensor.NET

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OWASP AppSensor .NET - architektura - Diwebsity

Architektura 362 dni, 5 minut temu suvroc 91 rozwiń

In my very first blog post on the contest I mentioned Yeoman, Gulp and Bower. Though my project changed, I’m still actively using the last two. I find it very helpful when with Gulp, I can make my website refresh while I’m making changes, so they are instantly visible on the screen. In this post I will show you some useful tasks that you can quickly implement in your own (web) project. First of all, I’m using Visual Studio Code (awesome tool), which gives me all of the functionalities I need for devel...

[EN] Useful gulp tasks – live reloading the browser and more [DajSiePoznac#6] | Immora's blog

Daj się poznać 2016 360 dni, 14 godzin, 19 minut temu immora 77 rozwiń

A few days ago I’ve gave it a shot and posted a link to my project on the reddit. Amongst some positive comments, there was this one: "I would never use a library that is not documented at all". Although it was the very first version of the Sentry, a typical preview & work in progress thingy (which I did forget to mention in my post), I’ve realized that it’s high time to provide some form of documentation, otherwise why would anyone use that library, even if it was making a miracles? I thought that...

Open source tabula rasa | Piotr Gankiewicz

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Kontynuacja pracy nad tworzeniem dynamicznego proxy w MiSeCo. Niestety zakonczona porażką.

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MiSeCo #4: Create interface methods dynamically – #fail – Michał Dymel – DevBlog

Daj się poznać 2016 364 dni, 8 godzin, 38 minut temu Michal Dymel 45 rozwiń

Recently I’ve had this idea that came into my mind while working on the Sentry – let the users of my library (if there will be any) to configure not only the set of rules, connection strings, urls etc. but also the underlying providers that do all of the heavy lifting (e.g. the HttpClient responsible for communicating with the API). It means that as long as you’re not satisfied with the default solution, please feel free to provide your own engine that will for example talk to the database and perform a ...

[EN] Mocking the “unmockable” | Piotr Gankiewicz

Sztuka programowania 364 dni, 23 godziny, 39 minut temu spetz 81 rozwiń

How to do REST with Web API 2.0 KISS way? Here you have only required things. Nothing more, nothing less. Ohhh... have I told you that it's done on Ubuntu? Take a look.

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[EN] KISS REST Service with Web API 2.0

Web 366 dni, 23 godziny, 50 minut temu michalogluszka 91 rozwiń

This is third post in a series about MiSeCo – a project I am working on for the “Daj się poznać challenge” (in Polish). In the last post, I wrote about the structure of a MiSeCo project and how I am going to implement the base functionality. Today I would like to show you how I managed to create my first interface implementation dynamically in runtime. Just to remind you, I need them to be able to proxy the calls between microservices through some (to be defined) protocol – probably over HTTP co...

Tagi: .Net, C#, dajsiepoznac
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Daj się poznać 2016 369 dni, 21 godzin, 53 minuty temu Michal Dymel 93 rozwiń

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