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Do you remember when a few days ago, I’ve made a promise to post come cool stuff in the next days? Well, here it goes – my first video tutorial ever in which I describe the Warden project and create a sample console application. I do realize that this recording is far from being perfect, yet I’m happy with the outcome anyway because I’ve managed to record this video using free, open source tools without a special audio recording microphone etc. – just a regular headset Superlux HMC631. The screencast c...

Warden screencast #1 – introduction and app example | Piotr Gankiewicz

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Big updates related to the Warden project are coming this and the upcoming week. The first release (1.0.0) has just been published to the NuGet and additionally the Web Panel is almost completed. Not only the web interface will be available as a part of the repository, but also, it will be running in the Azure cloud in case you’d like to play with it or store your monitoring data without a need to provide own, hosting environment. And there is one more good news – Warden is getting a brand new logo.

[EN] Warden goes Azure and gets a logo | Piotr Gankiewicz

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Google lies... or we are bad with writing posts. Quick explanation how to set your docker with coreclr.

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[EN] Docker with coreclr

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Prosta metoda uzyskania wolnego portu, na którym można wystawic aplikacje.

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Find free TCP port in the system - Michał Dymel - DevBlog

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In this post, I’d like to present the two simple Powershell scripts, that will let you create a secured (password protected zip archive) backup of the MSSQL or MongoDB databases and upload it either to the Azure or AWS cloud. By using such solution, you may actually save a few bucks instead of using some external, paid services like e.g. CherrySafe that do the same thing.

Powershell scripts for MSSQL or MongoDB backup to Azure & AWS | Piotr Gankiewicz

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The latest, 6th watcher, has been recently added to the Warden library. It’s probably the simplest one, but it doesn’t mean it’s barely useful. The performance watcher has been created in order to measure the CPU & RAM usage, simple as that. Sounds interesting? If that’s the case, you might find the whole note useful then.

[EN] Measure your CPU & RAM usage with performance watcher | Piotr Gankiewicz

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Jak wybrac losowy port do hostowania np. mikro serwisu? Jaki zakres portow wybrac? Jak sprawdzic, czy port jest wolny?

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Find free port for your application - Michal Dymel DevBlog

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In today’s post I’m going to briefly describe one of the latest watchers designed especially for the disk & file monitoring. If you’re looking for a new plugin to the Warden that will allow you to ensure e.g. that all of required files are available – you’ve found the right place.

[EN] Disk monitoring with Warden | Piotr Gankiewicz

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Jak tworzyc dane testowe przy pomocy biblioteki AutoFixture oraz tworzenie mock'ów w testach z FakeItEasy

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Creating test data and mocking dependencies - Michał Dymel - DevBlog

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Post/Redirect/Get or PRG in short is a common pattern used amongst many web applications, that was designed to prevent duplicate submissions of the forms. Not using such pattern may result e.g. in multiple transactions by POSTing the same form twice, which is something that we definitely do not want to see in our applications. Although, it’s quite easy to be implemented in it’s purest form, it’s a little bit more tricky if we want to save the input data provided by the user (let’s say the form has a lo...

Post/Redirect/Get with new ASP.NET 5 & MVC 6 | Piotr Gankiewicz

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O tym jak nie udalo mi sie ustawic portu, pod ktorym aplikacja ma byc dostepna przy uzyciu ASP.NET Core i w zwiazku z tym przejsciu na NancyFx

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ASP.NET Core Hosting Environemt - welcome NancyFx

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SendGrid is one of the most popular services for delivering the email messages. It allows sending both, the regular, plain text email messages as well as the templated ones (called “transactional”). On top of that, it has also some other cool features such as marketing templates. In this post, I’m going to describe the way that the Warden project has been integrated with this service.

[EN]Integration with SendGrid | Piotr Gankiewicz

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Kiedy zaczynałem prace nad Social Cooking myślałem, że wszystko mam w głowie i jak spiszę sobie tylko funkcjonalności, które chce dać użytkownikom to wystarczy do stworzenia całego systemu. Ostatnio jednak zacząłem implementować pierwsze widoki, pierwsze moduły i bardzo szybko okazało się, że jestem w błędzie.

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Dodawanie przepisów mockup – Wildpost

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Zmiana koncepcji na rozwiązanie problemu services registry w MiSeCo

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MiSeCo #9: Services Registry – Michał Dymel – DevBlog

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W poprzednim wpisie przyjrzeliśmy się kontrolerom oraz ich akcjom, natomiast teraz rzucimy okiem na filtry, czyli atrybuty, które można zastosować zarówno dla każdej z akcji jak i dla całego kontrolera. Atrybuty definiują nam sposób wykonania określonych akcji. W ASP.NET MVC mamy do dyspozycji kilka typów filtrów akcji:Filtry autoryzacji – są wywoływane na samym początku, przed pozostałymi filtrami i akcją. Decydują o możliwości wykonania metody po wcześniejszej autentykacji lub walidacji właściwości d...

Kontroler i filtry akcji - Jakub Skoczeń

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Is gulp-load-plugins something useful or not? Reviewing...

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[EN] gulp-load-plugins to simplify Gulp script

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Pierwsze dwa to jedne z ulubionych (a może dla niektórych znienawidzonych) skrótów w świecie IT. Trzecie to zagadnienie, które jest trochę jak UFO wszyscy o nim mówią, ale mało kto widział. Dzisiaj krótko, ale istotnie na ten temat w Social Cooking.

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SOLID, SRP i Refactoring – Wildpost

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Pagination is (should be) a well-known concept for most of the developers. Whether we want to execute an optimized query on a database that will fetch just a small subset of all available records or increase the web service throughput by returning less data than it’s needed – it all boils down to the efficient usage of the pagination. I’m going to present my approach to this mechanism, both for the MSSQL and MongoDB databases, yet it can be also used in any other scenario such as in memory pagination.

[EN] Pagination for MSSQL & MongoDB | Piotr Gankiewicz

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MiSeCo #8: Service discovery methods ?>michalComments 0 Comment This is an 8th post in a series about MiSeCo – a project I am working on for the “Daj się poznać” challenge (in Polish). So far I have implemented a way of calling service methods remotely over HTTP protocol. Currently, service URL is hard-coded in the application. I need to find a way to allow services register automatically so that very little configuration is needed. Initially, I wanted to create MiSeCo in the way that there is no c...

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[EN] Service discovery methods in microservices architecture – Michał Dymel – DevBlog

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In my latest post, I’ve stated that one day I’d like to provide some kind of UI for the users, that would visualize what’s going on in their system that is being monitored by the Warden. As you may have noticed, this special day has come quite fast. In this post, I’ll present the first prototype of the web interface design (that took me just a couple of minutes to complete).

Warden Web Panel – UI prototype | Piotr Gankiewicz

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