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5 marca, 2016

Hello, my friend! This post is dedicated to everyone who’s looking for a guide, how to start with publishing your content on the Internet and also work on an open source project along with (yet it’s not the required part and you can simply skip it). Also, feel free to scroll down directly to the tl;dr section.

Get noticed – survival guide | Piotr Gankiewicz

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Welcome to the fourth episode of my course “Becoming a software developer”, which will give you a quick overview of the more advanced concepts of the C# language that allows writing a really neat and composable code.

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Today’s post was written by Jenny Holt who asked me if she could write a contributed content for my blog. She did agree with one of my previous articles about working remotely and wanted to share her thoughts about that matter. Thank you, Jenny!

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Welcome to the third episode of my course “Becoming a software developer”, which will give you a quick overview of the core parts of the C# language will let you design better types and deal with errors in a proper manner.

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Another quick video tutorial from me. Here, we will focus on implementing our own “SDK” responsible for handling the Facebook Graph API using C# and .NET Core (of course you can achieve the same result on the full .NET platform).

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Accessing Facebook API using C# | Piotr Gankiewicz

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Welcome to the second episode of my course “Becoming a software developer”, which will focus on the other important parts of the OOP such as inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces and abstractions.

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Becoming a software developer – episode II | Piotr Gankiewicz

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I want to get in a good habit of recording some simple tutorials from time to time using the English language, so here comes the first one about my experience with running the SQL Server on Linux. Enjoy!   The first thing you need to do is to open the following website and follow the selected installation guide. For example, I’m using the ElementaryOS so I chose the Ubuntu guide. Also, make sure you’ll install the SQL Server Tools. Eventually,...

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Welcome to the first episode of my course “Becoming a software developer”, which is a starting point for your journey into the software development world. It also begins a first part (there will be 4 parts in total containing 4 episodes each) which is dedicated to the core concepts of object-oriented programming using the C# language.

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Becoming a software developer – episode I | Piotr Gankiewicz

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A few days ago when I posted the information about creating a course Becoming a software developer amongst many positive comments I had received at least a few question why would I do something like this for free. In the video below (English subtitles are available) I do present my answer. And I would also like to write a few additional remarks about it.

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Doing things pro publico bono | Piotr Gankiewicz

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Welcome to the first, or actually, the episode number 0 of my first online course ever named “Becoming a software developer”. o what is it all about? The goal is simple – I’ll be acting as a mentor to a friend of mine Patryk Huzarski, who would like to become a software developer.

Tagi: .Net, .net core, C#, kurs
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Becoming a software developer – course introduction | Piotr Gankiewicz

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It’s been a few months already since I’ve started working for good with distributed systems using (micro)services and asynchronous processing via service bus. Many issues and question raised and one of these was how to not lose the information about commands and events being processed and even more importantly, how to notify the user once the request has completed? I’ve had to come up with some solution that seems to be sufficient (at least for now) and I’d like to share it with you.

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Async HTTP API and service bus | Piotr Gankiewicz

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Welcome to 2017 my dear folks! New year, new me – right? Not entirely correct, as I’d rather paraphrase this sentence to sound more like “new year, new projects (and tons of new code)”. Wondering what I’d like to achieve within the next 365 days (or make it 363 to be precise)?

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2017 has come | Piotr Gankiewicz

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Time goes by whether you like it or not (unless you’re a photon). So is 2016 about to finish – the year that was one of the biggest breakthroughs not only in my career but also in life so far.

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2016 in a nutshell | Piotr Gankiewicz

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It’s been quite a while since I posted the latest update of the Warden project designed for monitoring the resources in general. After a lot of back-end coding and refactoring, the time has come to finally focus on the new web interface implementation. And this is where the things start to become interesting (I promise).

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Writing a project documentation – everyone’s or at least the programmer’s nightmare, right? Although at a first glance many of you will most likely agree with the given assumption, I’ll try to convince you otherwise. Not only it doesn’t have to be a dull experience, but it might be a truly fun and quite refreshing activity, which shall provide the great value for the project.

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Necessity is the mother of invention – that’s basically why I did create a new open source project called Lockbox. Its main purpose is to provide a centralized and secured storage for the application settings that can be easily fetched via HTTP request. Sounds interesting? Then let me guide you through the most important concepts of the Lockbox.

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Lockbox | Piotr Gankiewicz

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Not so long ago, I’ve eventually decided to dive into the world of microservices. I did look for an opportunity to make use of this architectural pattern for quite some time and finally was able to do so. After 3 months of trying out the new things and learning stuff mostly on my own (the hard way) I believe it’s a good time to share some of my experience. I have no doubts that at some point in the future when I look back at this post I might be like – “oh God, what was I thinking back then, it’s so wro...

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When was the last time that you did something that you weren’t supposed to do? And I’m not talking about committing the criminal acts. Although, at the first glance it might seem otherwise, making uncomfortable things most likely will pay off. Yet, still, most of us decide not to leave the comfort zone.

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When someone talks about the diversification, it’s usually about financial assets. Every investor will tell you, that you should spread your investments amongst different sources of possible income. If you put 100% of all that you’ve got into a single asset and something goes wrong then you’re totally screwed. Yet, it’s not only about the financial market – let’s talk about diversifying our own skills.

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Choosing a service bus that meets our demands is a crucial part when developing a distributed system. There are many services to choose from like MSMQ, Azure Service Bus or RabbitMQ and even more frameworks that you can use in your projects as an additional layer of abstraction that makes your coding much easier when it comes to dealing with the specific service bus implementation. In this article, I’d like to present how to use the RabbitMQ in .NET Core with the help of really nice RawRabbit library.

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