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23 lutego, 2017

This is the third article in the series of the last Microsoft releases and this time I will focus on Visual Studio update – labeled ‘15.3’. I am usually easily pleased with most of the Microsoft IDE features so forgive me all of my ‘ohhh’ but I really love all this changes 😉. No more ‘Add -> Existing Item’! ‘Drag & Drop’ will make the world a better place! You know the struggle when you want to add a file to your project and you have to first copy it (physically) to the appropriate location and the...

Visual Studio 2017 15.3 – when you think there is nothing more you may need… – A Girl Among Geeks

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At Monday, we have a highly anticipated release – .Net Core 2.0 ! If it is not enough, we also got a new version of Visual Studio 2017 – update 15.3 (and I will write about it in the nearest feature). So now, I will try to show you the most interesting features of the youngest .Net kid.How to start? Installing update of Visual Studio 2017 is nothing extraordinary, so I will not write about it 😉. What may not seem very obvious, is the fact that we need to (additionally) install .Net Core 2.0 SDK....

.Net Core 2.0 – summary – A Girl Among Geeks

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When I started learning .Net Core some time ago I was constantly encountering a ‘.Net Standard’. I knew what it means and that it is (somehow 😉 ) important for me but didn’t really care about it. It’s just the standard, right? Who would care about it, when there is so many new things to discover (yep, I was an ignorant!). I changed my mind the last week – when the .Net Standard 2.0 was finally released. So, what the .Net Standard is? It is the standard common for every .Net technology. It ensures ...

.Net Standard 2.0 is here! – A Girl Among Geeks

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Yes, ElasticSearch can be now installed and used much easier (that’s probably not a breaking news because I’m writing about it after one month since I have got a confirmed info) but summer is not the best time for writing a blog’s post 😉.)! In this post I will focus on the dilemma – when exactly a .msi file can be useful and when it is better to stick to the old fashioned command line. At the end of the post I also added some personal experiences with ElasticSearch logs when working with ES as a ...

ElasticSearch has a Windows Installer! – A Girl Among Geeks

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I can’t be the only person who hates waiting for the code to compile and run… Especially when I want to test only a small part of it! That’s a total waste of time! But good news everyone, I found a way to run a part of my C# code without building the whole project!Ctrl + E, E – the magical shortcut!

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Ctrl + E, E – the best Visual Studio shortcut I’ve seen so far! – A Girl Among Geeks

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Last time we talked about creating indexes. We also searched for some data in our index in some easy manner. Today I would like to focus on other search-alike operations – bool queries.

ElasticSearch – part 2. Bool Query (searching basis) – A Girl Among Geeks

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This is the 20th and the last post in the GetNoticed! competition. So it means that… I DID IT! I survived till the very end, I managed to create 20 posts in 10 weeks. ReMaster is still alive (it could be fed better but let’s leave this subject :P). It’s time to celebrate, I mean, have some sleep 😉. What I’m proud of? I have a blog! One year ago I was sure that my programming life is boring and even the problems I encounter while coding are too boring to write about them. And I ...

I survived! The ‘GetNoticed’ competition is over! – A Girl Among Geeks

Daj się poznać 2017 90 dni, 16 godzin, 15 minut temu AGirlAmongGeeks 12 rozwiń

Today’s post is rather unusual because… it slightly touches JavaScript! The language I used to hate with the whole of my heart and now I’m starting to tolerate it (or maybe even… like it? Yeah, that’s strange). So let me tell you about my recent discoveries concerning Google Maps API (v3)! Chrome doesn’t allow you to get user location on pages without https! Yep, that’s sad (hmm or not ;)), https is becoming a must! Of course, it doesn’t apply to localhost, but when you deploy your code to the...

Some fun facts about Google Maps API that surprised me – A Girl Among Geeks

Daj się poznać 2017 90 dni, 16 godzin, 15 minut temu AGirlAmongGeeks 46 rozwiń

Last week I wrote about installing ElasticSearch on your local machine. Today I will focus on using this search engine – indexing and searching for data. First of all, I recommend installing Sense plugin for Chrome. It works like a charm and makes you be able to focus on indexing and only indexing. Very helpful...

ElasticSearch – part 1. A warm-up! – A Girl Among Geeks

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The one conference I attended last Thursday was Software Talks organized at Rzeszów University of Technology by PGS Software. One of the two prelectors was Piotr Konieczny - I think everybody will know why I was so anticipating this event. Who knows the Polish language and is interested in the security subjects probably knows Piotr and his blog and for sure would share my excitement!

Software Talks conference review – A Girl Among Geeks

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Jeśli używamy Gita na pewno znamy polecenie git log które to wyświetla nam historię zmian w repozytorium. Jednak polecenie to ma pewną ciekawą możliwość, którą daje nam przełącznik -L. Mianowicie wówczas możemy podać nazwę metody oraz nazwę pliku i wyświetli nam się cała historia, ale dotycząca zmian w tej konkretnej metodzie. Jest to naprawdę wygodne, gdy chcemy dokładnie przyjrzeć się zmianom tylko w jednym miejscu bez przedzierania się przez rozbudowane porównywanie i całe pliki. Mój przykładowy pli...

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Daj się poznać 2017 121 dni, 17 godzin, 41 minut temu Maga 166 rozwiń

How many programmers you know use ‘yield‘? Seriously, if you have an occasion, ask them – I’m afraid you will notice a strange thing – everybody heard about it but (almost) nobody (including me) uses it. Time to change it! Why? Because ‘yield‘ was introduced in C# 2.0 (yeeeah, it’s that old!) and can help you get rid of some of the ‘temp’ collections in your code and, what’s more important, it may prevent you from System.OutOfMemory exception.

Let’s make ‘yield return’ our best friend! – A Girl Among Geeks

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Generating EF Migrations in .Net Core project can make your day really awful! When you get an error after error, claiming that you did not install the package already present in your project, all you want to do is turn off the PC and go out. But the migration will not generete themself;). I wrote down some solutions for errors with Add-Migration and Update-Database commands.

EF Migrations in .Net Core can be annoying! – A Girl Among Geeks

Daj się poznać 2017 142 dni, 3 godziny, 53 minuty temu AGirlAmongGeeks 51 rozwiń

How many times you almost pushed some sensitive data to public repo? I have to admit, it’s one of my nightmares since I heard about crawlers occuping github and searching for credit cards data, API credentials and so on. But it looks like this problem is over, at least for .Net Core developers. And it is because of one simple tool provided by Microsoft - Secret Manager. Let me show you how to manage it by Visual Studio interface!

How to avoid sending credentials to repo (clickable Secret Manager) – A Girl Among Geeks

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You may be surprised (I was!) but Visual Studio 2015 (and Visual Studio 2017) is not able to add (out of the box) a service reference. When you click right mouse button on the ‘References‘ folder, there is an option ‘Add Connected Service‘ but it doesn’t allow us to paste service reference url. Luckily, there is a few workarounds for this problem!

Adding WCF Service to .Net Core application (VS 2015 and VS 2017) – A Girl Among Geeks

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Ladies and gentlemen – the second post about ReSharper! This time, let’s focus on refactoring, auto-generation of code and some smart ‘helpers’

ReSharper – all you need is… refactoring & code templates! – part 2 – A Girl Among Geeks

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Ostatnio w pracy dyskutowaliśmy o różnicach między const a static readonly. Nie znałem tego wcześniej to podzielę się z Wami. Rozważmy 2 linie kodu. public const int VersionX = 25; ipublic static readonly int VersionY = 25; Jakie są podobieństwa? W obu przypadkach raz przypisanej wartości nie możemy potem zmienić. Jakie są różnice? Jest ich kilka. Stałe (const) muszą mieć przypisaną wartość, readonly mogą korzystać z wartośći domyślnych. Przypisanie wartości w przypadku ...

Tagi: const, readonly
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Pieczątka vs szablon czyli const a static readonly –

Daj się poznać 2017 162 dni, 3 godziny, 20 minut temu Michał Jawulski 147 rozwiń

All Polish companies are present in a system called CEIDG (in English: Central Registration and Information on Business). It provides a simple API – so far so good. To integrate with it, you have to register in their system, where you are asked about...

How to get data of all the Polish companies – A Girl Among Geeks

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Logowanie ciągu znaków jak to robi się std. w nLog bez jakiekolwiek struktury może prowadzić do kłopotów kiedy chcemy coś ekstra dodać/wyciągnąć. Ale jest na to lekarstwo!

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nLog i structured logging - Jakub Gutkowski

Narzędzia 165 dni, 4 godziny, 33 minuty temu Gutek 95 rozwiń

Xamarin ostatnio zyskuje na popularności, szczególnie po przejęciu i udostępnieniu jako darmowy framework przez Microsoft. Dlatego warto przyjrzeć się mu bliżej, aby rozumieć na czym polega jego fenomen i zdecydować czy jest to framework, który warto brać pod uwagę przy pisaniu aplikacji mobilnych.

Xamarin – pierwsze starcie – Krystian Czaplicki

Mobile development 166 dni, 17 godzin, 45 minut temu krystianczaplicki 234 rozwiń

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