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Linty to programy które sprawdzają twój kod pod względem: Czytelności Łatwość utrzymania Błędy funkcjonalne

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TsLint, utrzymywanie kodu jednego stylu i zapobieganie bólowi głowy – Soltys Blog

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What’s up, back-end master? Did you finish previous episode with fully working application, with configured database and tested accounts system? I hope so, because now it’s time for the front-end! As you may know from our introduction post, front-end of our application will be mostly based on React. But that’s not all!

Getting started on ASP.NET Core & React – episode 03 -

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For the last 2 years Angular Team at Google, with huge support of the community, has been working on a new Angular framework. It has been completely rewritten with better performance and ready to use even outside the browser. In this article I want to introduce you to the basics of Angular 2+; we will build a small web application using angular-cli tool.

Angular 2+ fundamentals based on angular-cli created app | Technical Blog - Future Processing

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In this post, I’d like to show you how to start sending notifications with Firebase Cloud Messaging from node.js and Typescript. A basic knowledge about push notifications and Firebase might help you in better understanding this article. However, if you aren’t familiar with FCM I recommend checking out my previous post: Introduction to Firebase Cloud Messaging.

Push notifications with Firebase Cloud Messaging node.js and Typescript |

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Ostatnio skończyliśmy na HelloWorld, teraz skupimy się jak można podzielić nasz kod na wiele plików. Kod TypeScript tak jak JavaScript dzieli się na moduły.

Tagi: TypeScript
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TypeScript dzielenie kodu na wiele plików, moduły i WebPack – Krok po kroku – Soltys Blog

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Cel: Stworzenie środowiska pracy z TypeScript i jQuery Skupię się na mimimum bez tysiąca bibliotek do z budowania projektu, wspierania EcmaScript 2015, wykorzystywania Sassa etc.

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TypeScript i jQuery w Visual Studio Code – krok po kroku – Soltys Blog

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Your TypeScript project shouldn’t have JavaScript files in the repository. It may be problematic when you want to deploy your site from git repo on Azure Web Apps. You may consider adding some custom scripts, but there is a better way: use npm postinstall. I have created a simple TypeScript project, put it on github...

Tagi: Azure, TypeScript
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[EN] Compiling TypeScript files on Azure Web Apps

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Last week I had a pleasure to attend and present the Azure Portal insights at the Visual Studio Live conference in Redmond. Throughout the conference, 5 sessions were being presented simultaneously, and 1 session was being streamed live. My session was chosen to be streamed live, and is now available on channel9!

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[EN] Azure Portal – the largest Single Page App in the World

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VS automatycznie transpiluje pliki *.ts do *.js. W wielu przypadkach, lepiej robić to przy pomocy innych narzędzi (gulp) - wówczas warto wyłączyć tą funkcję w Visual Studio.

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Stop VisualStudio compiling TypeScript on build - Michał Dymel - DevBlog

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I suppose there are not so many people who do not know what Node.js is. You may love it, you may hate it, but you cannot deny the fact that more and more enterprises are using it to replace some parts of their system, previously written in Java, Rails or .Net.  Node.js runs in a lot of environments – starting from large, multi-core servers, through laptops, then microcomputers like Rasperry Pi, finishing on IoT devices...

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[EN] Developing Node.js App Services in TypeScript – part 1 of n: Introduction. – Epikia

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Last month I had a pleasure to attend Open Source North conference in Minneapolis, MN. It was a great event with over 500 attendees and speakers from all over across the United States. I had a pleasure to meet a lot of great people, and attend a few interesting talks. I also gave a talk “Open Source and Microsoft and Beyond” where I presented a bunch of Microsoft Open Source projects (ASP.NET Core, TypeScript, Xamarin, F#), gave an insight into Azure ...

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[EN] Open Source at Microsoft and Beyond

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This article will show you how to use typescript in your SharePoint solution in example of SharePoint-hosted app.

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[EN] Creating SharePoint solutions with Typescript

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Opis jak skonfigurować automatyczną kompilację plików TypeScript w projekcie

Tagi: TypeScript
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Konfiguracja TypeScript - kompilacja - Diwebsity

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Last month I had a pleasure to speak at ConnectJS and All Things Open conferences. ConnectJS ConnectJS was not only about JavaScript, but about web development in general. All Things Open is one of the largest Open Source conferences in the USA.

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[EN] ConnectJS and All Things Open

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Last Saturday I had a pleasure to speak at Seattle Code Camp. It was an amazing event, which was free. There were over 50 talks, 500 attendees, and raffle with many prizes, e.g., Microsoft Surface Pro 3! Check out videos, code, and slides from my talks!

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[EN] Seattle Code Camp: Aurelia and TDD with TypeScript, AngularJS, and Node.js

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On July 1st I had a pleasure to speak at Seattle Node.js meetup about unit testing and Test Driven Development with Angular.js and Node.js, using TypeScript. In this talk I gave an overview of JavaScript testing frameworks, and tools. I also demonstrated how TypeScript can strengthen your tests by adding free unit tests (type checking) thanks to strong typing.

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[EN] TDD with TypeScript, AngularJS, and Node.js

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Yesterday I had a pleasure to speak at .NET Developers Association meetup in Redmond, about building web applications with TypeScript...

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[EN] Building Large Scale Web Applications with TypeScript - Jakub Jedryszek

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Gulp is a streaming build system (aka task runner). It contains plugins, which allows you to run tasks such as TypeScript to JavaScript compilation, Less to CSS compilation, bundling, minification, running you own scripts, and much, much more...

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[EN] Gulp - tutorial - Jakub Jedryszek

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Dzisiaj chciałbym przedstawić swój pierwszy videotutorial, w którym kontynuuje tematykę Windows Store Apps pisanych w HTML5 i JavaScript. Zachęcam do obejrzenia i komentowania :)

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Windows Store Apps – Typescript

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Unit testing client-side of our web applications is a little bit cumbersome: we have Javascript but also move forward to TypeScript. We have plain code without modules or use requirejs to benefit from AMD. For each configuration the setup of unit test project is different. I think having all these samples in one place could help us to start TDD in client-side. All the sample are based on the sample application from my previous posts about unit testing JavaScript. Actually these are not 11 different sampl...

[EN] JavaScript/TypeScript unit testing –11 sample projects for Resharper, Chutzpah and Karma | chrisseroka

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