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In the last post I wrote about one of the .Net Core 2.0 features – Razor Pages. Today, we will crawl a little bit in this mud… I mean, we will write some code. I chose a simple BMI calculator as a demo project (you can download the code from github). You know, 2 inputs and the code-behind that will tell us if we are very fat or just slightly fat or we are OK and it’s time for another cookie. Because, there is always a time for a cookie, no matter what! A warm up Last time we crea...

Razor Pages – a simple demo to learn the monster! – A Girl Among Geeks

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Last week I mentioned that together with .Net Core 2.0 we got something that makes my jaw drop. This “little” feature that made me feel slightly uncomfortable is Raroz Pages. In this post, I will show you what it really is or, in fact, what it is not 😊 and if we should be afraid of it... At first glance, you may think that Razor Pages are Microsoft’s attempt of coming back to the ASP.Net WebForms. Which I, unfortunately, still deal with damn too often so b...

Razor Pages (ASP.Net Core 2.0) – a step back or a great idea? – A Girl Among Geeks

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It’s been almost a year since we – the members of the Noordwind teal organization started working on our own, fully open sourced project named Collectively, being the platform for the citizens that would help them report and discuss about things that are important for their community and environment. On the 15th of September, there will be a special event (including press conference) held in Kraków related to our platform as well, so please feel already invited. And now, let me introduce what the Collect...

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Starting from .NET Core 2.0 coupling between Garbage Collector and the Execution Engine itself have been loosened. Prior to this version, the Garbage Collector code was pretty much tangled with the rest of the CoreCLR code. However, Local GC initiative in version 2.0 is already mature enough to start using it.

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Zero Garbage Collector for .NET Core – TooSlowException

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Ostatnie dwa posty wyszły nieco dłuższe niż zakładałem, więc dzisiaj będzie krócej. Stworzymy Azure Web App, na który następnie wrzucimy kod naszej aplikacji ASP.Net Core. Pominę część teoretyczną, ponieważ można ją znaleźć choćby tutaj i przejdę od razu to przykładu:Azure Web App Na potrzeby artykułu zakładam, że każdy posiada już konto na Azure oraz co najmniej subskrypcję Microsoft Imagine dla studentów, która pozwala na tworzenie Azure Web App. Aby utworzyć naszą aplikac...

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Deployment aplikacji ASP.Net Core w Azure Web Apps – Krystian Kolad – o .Necie i nie tylko

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At Monday, we have a highly anticipated release – .Net Core 2.0 ! If it is not enough, we also got a new version of Visual Studio 2017 – update 15.3 (and I will write about it in the nearest feature). So now, I will try to show you the most interesting features of the youngest .Net kid.How to start? Installing update of Visual Studio 2017 is nothing extraordinary, so I will not write about it 😉. What may not seem very obvious, is the fact that we need to (additionally) install .Net Core 2.0 SDK....

.Net Core 2.0 – summary – A Girl Among Geeks

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It’s been over 2 weeks since the .NET Core Tour ended. In this summary, I’d like to share with you the journey that lasted for over 4 months.

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.NET Core Tour summary | Piotr Gankiewicz

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Posted on by krystiankolad W poprzednim poście omówiliśmy podstawy używania Dockera na przykładzie prostego programu konsolowego w Pythonie. Wspomniałem w nim o różnicy pomiędzy komendami: docker kill [containerName/containerId] oraz docker stop [containerName/containerId] Teraz przedstawię tę różnicę na przykładzie prostego programu konsolowego napisanego w C#. Stworzy on wątek, który można przerwać poprzez wpisanie naszego (lub nie ;)) imienia, co skończy działanie aplikacji, lub naciśnięcia klawisz...

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Welcome to the twenty-third episode of my course “Becoming a software developer” in which we will focus on the vast topic of DevOps which is all about building, testing and deploying the application. And we will use Docker to help with the overall process.

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Becoming a software developer – episode XXIII | Piotr Gankiewicz

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Written by Dawid Sibińskion I’ve recently been presented a concept of initializing the database (creating or re-creating it) with Unit Test method. Initially I thought it’s a non-sense, but after a while of taking a deeper look… The method of initializing the database I mentioned was used with Entity Framework Core in ASP.NET Core project, where Code First database creation approach was used. As you know, this approach implies that we create models (classes) representing our database entities i...

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Entity Framework Core – database initialization with Unit Test – Dawid’s blog

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Recently, I was struggling with the SSO authentication. At first I did pick up JSON Web Token which of course is a legitimate option, however, I was forced to share the secret key between different parties, as I decided to use HMAC. Not so long ago I decided to switch to the RSA instead and I’d like to present you both solutions using ASP.NET Core.

JWT RSA & HMAC + ASP.NET Core | Piotr Gankiewicz

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Welcome to the twenty-second episode of my course “Becoming a software developer” in which we will use SQL Server database along with Entity Framework Core library.

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Becoming a software developer – episode XXII | Piotr Gankiewicz

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Kiedy potrzebujemy użyć jakiegoś ORM’a (Object – Relational Mapping) w naszym projekcie, z reguły pierwsza myśl jaka przychodzi nam do głowy to Entity Framework. Dzięki temu narzędziu w bardzo prosty i szybki sposób jesteśmy w stanie skonfigurować połączenie z naszą bazą danych i odwzorować nasze tabele w projekcie. W najnowsze...

Entity Framework Core - Fluent API Mapper - Łukasz Marcinek

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Recently, I started researching tools and services for the build automation. Being a long user of TeamCity and currently Travis CI (also had some experience with Jenkins, AppVeyor and VSTS) I wanted to find out what else is there. Then I realized that there’s a build server built into BitBucket, thus I decided to give it a go.

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Building .NET Core apps with BitBucket Pipelines and Docker

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Welcome to the twenty-first episode of my course “Becoming a software developer” in which we will use MongoDB which is a NoSQL database for storing the data of our application.

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Becoming a software developer – episode XXI | Piotr Gankiewicz

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Since ASP.NET Core became a truly cross-platform framework, we’re free to use other environments such as Linux in order to host our applications. This is a great opportunity not only to reduce the possible licensing costs but also to try out a new environment. In the video tutorial below, I’ll show you how to build a Docker image using ASP.NET Core, publish it to the Virtual Machine running in the Digital Ocean and use Nginx to expose the app to the world.

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Welcome to the twenty episode of my course “Becoming a software developer” in which we will implement our custom “handler” that will be responsible for executing the given methods, dealing with exceptions etc.

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Becoming a software developer – episode XX | Piotr Gankiewicz

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Welcome to the nineteenth episode of my course “Becoming a software developer” in which we will gracefully handle the exceptions and extend logging services with NLog.

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Becoming a software developer – episode XIX | Piotr Gankiewicz

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Welcome to the eighteenth episode of my course “Becoming a software developer” in which we will finalize the basic CRUD for the Driver type, implement extension methods for the repository and build custom middleware in order to deal with exceptions.

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Becoming a software developer – episode XVIII | Piotr Gankiewicz

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Welcome to the seventeenth episode of my course “Becoming a software developer” in which we will mostly talk about the boundaries and responsibilities of the application services. Eventually, we will implement some helper code to automatically assign the authenticated user id to the given command.

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Becoming a software developer – episode XVII | Piotr Gankiewicz

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