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19 czerwca, 2013

You are probably familiar with Uncle Bob’s classic: Clean Code. While Clean Code is about good engineering practices, and writing good code, The Clean Coder is more about communication aspect of developer’s work. It’s about how to behave professionally, be disciplined, and stick to good coding practices. What’s more, it demonstrates how to avoid common pitfalls in software development process. Such as underestimating time, undergo management pressure ...

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In 2017 C# is dead...

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You probably have heard about The Joel Test. This test helps you to determine how good a software team is. It was created almost 17 years ago by Joel Spolsky (currently CEO of StackOverflow). It's time for an update!

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Over four years ago I created a simple Pomidoro Windows App in order to learn Windows RT app development. Yeah! Windows RT was a new thing back then! My app was a simple timer that counts down from 25 minutes to 0. It was designed to use when applying the Pomodoro Technique... You will not believe what has happened last year!

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Everyday when I am doing some small bug fixes or minor improvements I am thinking about the British Cycling team. They dominated 2012 Olympics thanks to marginal improvements. Such as cleaning hands properly, taking their own pillows when traveling or sleeping in the right position. All of these small things put together resulted in 7 out of 10 track cycling gold medals...

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If you are building a product that is not yet released you should read this book. If you are building a product that is already released you should also read this book. If you are working on some overnight idea this is a must read! Why? In all cases it will help you to plan features, use data-driven approach for making decisions, and avoid waiting time by doing work that is not needed...

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Earlier this year I blogged about StockEstimator – my side project for predicting future stock prices. Recently in addition to F# module, which estimates future prices, I added Web Service that takes advantage of Azure Machine Learning to do the same much faster.

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Visual Studio Team Services has great Continuous Integration and Continues Delivery support for Xamarin. Recently I was configuring pipeline that would build the project, run unit tests (with xUnit), run UI tests (with Xamarin Test Cloud), and, if all tests pass, deploy new version of the app to Hockey App. During the process of creating VSTS build definition I encountered a few problems that I think are worth to share with you.

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In the previous post Unit Testing Accessibility I showed how to run accessibility check on HTML node. This approach can be used to test components of your website. You can take your accessibility testing to the next level by adding accessibility check for entire pages.

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In Web Accessibility Hacker Way I mentioned that “only 20% of accessibility requirements can be verified by tools”. Nevertheless, it is worth to cover this 20%. Especially, when it is not very hard. You know that having automated test that guard against regressions always pays off in a long run.

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I haven’t publish any book review for a while. It does not mean I am not reading books anymore. I just didn’t feel that some of the books I read recently requires my recommendation, or I didn’t have any thoughts that I needed necessary to share right now. I have added a few books to my favorite books list though. Check them out! Working Effectively with Legacy Code deserves blog post because of a few reasons...

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Your TypeScript project shouldn’t have JavaScript files in the repository. It may be problematic when you want to deploy your site from git repo on Azure Web Apps. You may consider adding some custom scripts, but there is a better way: use npm postinstall. I have created a simple TypeScript project, put it on github...

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Have you heard about accessibility? Do you know what that is? Do you know what it takes to make your website accessible? Making your website accessible, means providing ability for everyone, regardless of disability or special needs, to use it. Unfortunately if you put together all accessibility specifications and print it, the stack will be higher than CN Tower in Toronto...

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Last week I had a pleasure to attend and present the Azure Portal insights at the Visual Studio Live conference in Redmond. Throughout the conference, 5 sessions were being presented simultaneously, and 1 session was being streamed live. My session was chosen to be streamed live, and is now available on channel9!

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Last month I had a pleasure to attend Open Source North conference in Minneapolis, MN. It was a great event with over 500 attendees and speakers from all over across the United States. I had a pleasure to meet a lot of great people, and attend a few interesting talks. I also gave a talk “Open Source and Microsoft and Beyond” where I presented a bunch of Microsoft Open Source projects (ASP.NET Core, TypeScript, Xamarin, F#), gave an insight into Azure ...

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Xamarin is a cross-platform mobile development framework that allows you to build native mobile applications with C# and share code between them. There are two approaches: native Xamarin – write native UI code in C# (views cannot be shared, business logic can be shared), and Xamarin.Forms – write shared UI in XAML (native controls are being generated, and business logic can be shared as well) The beauty of the first approach is ability to take advantage o...

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In 2014, Internets went loud after Erik Meijer’s talk One Hacker Way. I really liked this talk, because it made me think…actually even until today I didn’t figure out everything Erik meant. Unfortunately, most of people didn’t understand this talk. In 2015, he gave the same talk again, but the rhetoric was way different. It’s more straight forward, and probably more people understood it. tl;dr This talk is about approach to software engineering...

Tagi: Agile, scrum, TDD
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[EN] One Hacker Way by Erik Meijer

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A few months ago I read great article written by Erik Dietrich – How Developers Stop Learning: Rise of the Expert Beginner. After publishing this article, and receiving a lot of positive feedback, Erik has written multiple follow up articles. He also has written a book, which I decided to buy and read: The Expert Beginner ($5 for Kindle Edition!). This book is a very interesting case study, in which Erik analyzes developer’s growth, and how some peop...

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This blog is hosted on Azure. It is using WordPress, which stores its data in MySQL database hosted by ClearDb. I blogged about the issues with WordPress database size over a year ago. The issue is inserting transient entries into database that are growing its size and exceeding free 20MB ClearDB limit. As I mentioned in this blog post – you can use plugins that clear database for you, or…you can use web jobs. Azure WebJobs is very neat way to perform c...

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Azure Portal Tips & Tricks is a series of short videos where I am showing various features of the Azure Portal and how you can take advantage of them to be more productive. In this video I am showing how you can customize side bar by adding your favorite resources to it.

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