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5 kwietnia, 2016

A few days ago I showed you how to combine Nancy with Autofac and ASP.NET Core IoC. Today’s post will be related to the security and more precisely JWT authentication. Before moving further, I’d like to mention that below text is going to be the last Nancy-related one (at least for now). In a next couple weeks, we’ll explore the world of graph databases with Neo4j and .NET Core, so I hope you’re as excited as I do 😉  How does JWT authe...

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For couple last days, I worked on gifty to catch up a little bit. My primal task was to introduce JWT authentication to my microservices hosted by Nancy. That’s the topic for next post but today, I’ll describe the proper steps to fully integrate Nancy with Autofac and ASP.NET Core since it’s not that obvious (at least wasn’t for me) and took me way to much time to finally do it. So, I hope that this one will help you one way or another.  Installing pa...

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Kilka słów o konferencji GET.NET w Łodzi + konkurs ;)

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It’s been almost a year since I did my first public speaking (related to programming). During that, many things changed including my personal point of view on that profession. It is nothing new that the first steps are the hardest, so in this post, I’ll describe my first feelings, mistakes, and moves which started my personal journey as a speaker. Since I’m still at the beginning of my way, this post will probably evolve from time to time but even thou...

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Last week, I finally started working on my „Get noticed” project called gifty. If you have absolutely no idea what I’m writing about you can go read my introduction to the project which I link here😉 Anyway, one of the first things I wanted to do was to create some kind of ServiceBuilder for every microservice, since all of them (or at least majority) will have to go through some steps before the actually run. The steps are:Initialize Kestrel wi...

Using interface explicit imlementation for creating a builder class - Forever F[r]ame

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I’m not a big enthusiast of hard-coded values in my apps, mostly because of three things. First, it’s really annoying to change their value if necessary (especially if one is used in many places). Of course, we can use some „find and replace tool” but to be honest I don’t fully trust them. Another thing is that in many cases we have absolutely no idea what do they represent. Let’s say we have the following of code:   PaymentService.Create(or...

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Today’s post is going to shortly discuss entire architecture,  I’m going to implement in next three months. Since I’m not microservices master, some of my current decisions might be stupid or just not efficient. I so, please let me know in the comments. This would definitely help me out 😉 !  What are microservices? Let’s start with defining the microservice term. In a common approach, we design our system as one huge „being”. Of course, there mig...

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As some of you might notice, I’ve not posted any new post since two weeks. There are few reasons for that including my vacations (finally) and other. But the most important one is the fact that I wanted to rest before huge programming competition. If you are not familiar with this even keep reading 🙂  Get Noticed One of the most recognizable Polish .NET developer – Maciej Aniserowicz – came up with really great and simple idea. Why not create some kind of competi...

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Yet another week, yet another code tip for you folks! Today’s post is going to be short and easy but I hope that useful at the same time (at least for the C# beginners). Let’s start!  C# logical operators One of the first things we learn when starting discovering some new programming language are operators. There are plenty of them including arithmetic operators, bitwise operators and… logical operators.  In C# two most common ones are „&&” for conjunc...

CodeTip #5 - How to avoid short-circuiting evaluation in C#? - Forever F[r]ame

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I’ve been working as software developers since July 2014 and during that time my point of view of IT industry have changed several times. Before starting my career I had absolutely no idea about this profession but even though I loved that! Why? Simply because of my friends who talked about tons of money they were earning, lots of benefits in the office including snacks, coffee, PlayStaion, alcohol and so on. That seemed awesome! Infamously, I must admit tha...

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Inne 64 dni, 8 godzin, 5 minut temu dpawlukiewicz 199 rozwiń

I’m a really big fan of Scott Hanselman and the way he manages his personal/work time. While watching his „soft” talk titled „Scaling Yourself” I was surprised when he described his way of answering some questions coming from all over the world (via email). He said that each of us has a limited number of keystrokes until we die so, it’s such a waste to write a dedicated email with long answer and examples in the code. Why? Because we could optimize that process and share our knowledge with other folks ou...

When to use Include() with Entity Framework? - Forever F[r]ame

Web 76 dni, 21 godzin, 11 minut temu dpawlukiewicz 149 rozwiń

This is one of those "I had to explain this couple times already so next time I want something I can redirect people to" kind of post. What I want to write about is difference in behavior between using new() and DbSet.Create() for instantiating new entities.

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Inne 83 dni, 8 godzin, 36 minut temu tpeczek 201 rozwiń

Sometimes it happens that knowing well some tool we suddenly discover an option that seems completely „exotic” but when we sh...

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Narzędzia 83 dni, 8 godzin, 36 minut temu dpawlukiewicz 74 rozwiń

Przy okazji konferencji PolCaster 2016 (na której byłem w zeszłym roku) usłyszałem dość interesującą informację, a mianowicie: statystycznie podcast kończy się po 7/8 odcinku. Później następuje wypalenie, lub brak pomysłów i bum…koniec. O ironio mój podcast również przez chwile mógł wydać się kolejnym kandydatem do zamknięcia, ale tak jak zapowiadałem w podsumowaniu roku… POWRÓCIŁ! Nie będę się tu zagłębiał i rozpisywał nad przyczynami tak sporej przerwy (bo trwa ona on września), ale z tego miejsca wszy...

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Inne 88 dni, 6 godzin, 54 minuty temu dpawlukiewicz 111 rozwiń

Aggregate is one of the most fun and powerful methods in LINQ. Sadly it's also of of the most underused and "scary" ones. I hope that after reading this post you will understand Aggregate a bit more, know when to use it and won't be afraid of doing so.

Tagi: aggregate, Linq
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Sztuka programowania 103 dni, 18 godzin, 29 minut temu Rafał Hryniewski 251 rozwiń

Nowadays, asynchronous programming isn’t something unusual. We all know that when it comes to do some I/O operations or HTTP request, we should do it async. Why? There’re several reasons but two most important  are:Efficiency. In many cases, the code might work faster. That’s because it’s not forced to wait for the result. Instead, it can work on some other stuff and then come back for the response when it’s ready. Simple is that.Comfort. Async improves the comfort of using our applications. We don’t blo...

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Sztuka programowania 101 dni, 12 godzin, 9 minut temu dpawlukiewicz 300 rozwiń

Hi folks, it’s me again! Well, I was kind of inactive for a while and to be honest, I did it for a purpose. 2016 was an absolutely crazy year for me, full of new challenges, projects and personal changes (hope that most of them were those positive). Therefore, at the end of December, I decided to take a short break and flush my thoughts related to the blog, podcast and… programming. But don’t be nervous, I’m not gonna give it up! Anyway, I guess that with the new year it’s finally time to do some summar...

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Niektórzy w tej chwili lepią pierogi, próbują nie wrócić do domu z pangą, latają za zapomnianym prezentem niczym Arnold za Turbo-Manem lub w ciepłym, przytulnym domku wieszają na choince bombki. Ja z kolei mam cały dzień dla siebie i jego część postanowiłem na napisanie krótkiego posta o tym jak możecie wykorzystać enumy jako flagi i obwiesić nimi swoje obiekty tak bardzo jak tylko chcecie, a żeby zachować choć pozory świątecznej atmosfery zrobię to z małym świątecznym akcentem (takim tycim).

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Often developers as a log store use text files, system events, output console or database. In some cases they use distributed systems such Splunk or Elasticsearch. In this article I would like to present how to store logs in the form of objects, rather than plain text, which also offers all sorts of graphs and charts called dashboards.

Log data using Serilog, Elasticsearch and Kibana |

Sztuka programowania 125 dni, 20 godzin, 47 minut temu Mateusz Pustelak 151 rozwiń

One thing that surprised me the most about the C# was the fact that it does not support multiple inheritances (which I knew from the C++). How can we deal with that? Of course, we use interfaces, since one class can implement more than one. But quickly we come to the very common problem...

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