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W jaki sposób tworzyć procesy, które nie zawodzą? Procesy, które odporne są na awarie, brak prądu. Procesy, które są w stanie wrócić do miejsca w którym zostały przerwane i dalej realizować przeznaczone im zadanie. O tym i o sprytnym budowaniu procesów przy wykorzystaniu async-await w artykule poniżej.

Orchestrating processes with full recoverability | Szymon Kulec `Scooletz`

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Reading time ~10 minutes This article is Part 2 in a 2-Part Series. Part 1 - What is the simplest database?Part 2 - This Article The previous post laid out the most minimum requirements for something to be called a database. While they may be too bare bones for many, there are a lot of databases that don’t fulfill even half of them, and this isn’t stopping from using them on a daily basis. The last time I’ve looked at files, this time something a bit more complex - key-value databases. The idea be...

Want unlimited scale and performance? This is where to start – IndexOutOfRange

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Krótki opis jak połączyć CRUD i Angular w wersji 2.0. A wszystko to na przykładzie mojej aplikacji konkursowej BoardGamesNook dla planszówkomaniaków.

CRUD w Angularze – programmer-girl

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Article covers journal service architecture and tech stack that will be used to implement it.Role: One of the core functionality of Mindy app will be journaling.

Tech stack for the document service | Build solution

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We’ve got prepared working ASP.NET Core application with whole frontend stuff set up. You can think – it’s good moment to start working on features. You’re right, but still we’ve got some things to do before we’ll be able to focus only on features. In this episode we’re going to show you some basic concepts..

Getting started on ASP.NET Core & React - episode 04 -

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Nie będzie o drzewie DOM ani tym bardziej o budowie prawdziwego domu. Opisane są tu podstawy architektury projektu..

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Zbudujemy nowy DOM – Dev on board

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Let's assume you are considering using Cassandra for logs storage or in general, for time series storage. You are well prepared - asked google extensively. Yet, there is a trap waiting to kill your cluster in few weeks after lunch.

[EN] Cassandra logs/time series storage design - optimal compaction strategy

Od pewnego czasu chodził mi głowie pomysł by napisać coś o DDD. Tak się złożyło, ze u mnie w firmie powstaje element systemu o nazwie Audit, który będzie służył do zarządzania (planowanie, wykonanie, raportowanie) audytami. Zdecydowałem się pokazać na blogu jak napisać taki system w oparciu o reguły DDD (głównie ze względu na to, że w obecnym projekcie nie korzystamy z DDD). Aby urealnić cały proces, wymagania które będziemy implementować będą pochodzić z rzeczywistej domeny. Oczywiście będzie ...

Tagi: .Net, architecture, C#, DDD
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Blog piwno-programistyczny: DDD w praktyce #0 - Model domeny

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Reading time ~3 minutes This is a fifth part of a series:part 1 - Why schedule and procrastinate jobs?part 2 - Overview of Hangfiepart 3 - Scheduling and Queuing jobs in Hangfirepart 4 - Dashboard, retries and job cancellationpart 5 - Job continuation with ContinueWithpart 6 - Recurring jobs and cron expressions Part 3 covered almost all functions in BackgroundJob class except for ContinueWith functions family. So here we go :) The fact that it has the same name as a System.Threading.Tasks.Task funct...

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[EN]Don't do it now! Part 5. Hangfire details - job continuation with ContinueWith – IndexOutOfRange

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Każdy czegoś nie lubi, ja na przykład nie lubię gdy ktoś siada na moim krześle, a potem ja muszę na nim usiąść, fuj – takie ciepłe, zawsze chwilę odczekuje. Albo NULL – to ciągłe sprawdzanie czy zmienna nie jest nullem, a potem jeszcze specjalna obsługa tu i tam i jeszcze tam, a potem tam i tam niosą, się ify po całym projekcie, albo wyjątki – BLEHSposób Na szczęście na jedno i drugie jest sposób; każdemu mówię, że na moim krześle się nie siada i głośno warczę gdy ktoś łam...

Null object mi różnicy nie robi | Jarosław Stadnicki

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Recently I've designed a mechanism to notify external systems (with which we cooperate) about changes in our system. This, obviously, can be done in multiple ways. Let's look at some considerations on a high level, some questions and how that affects our requirements.

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[EN]: Specifying requirements for live notification mechanism for systems integration purposes

If we think about advanced website development, sooner or later we’ll deal with JavaScript Task Runners. One of them is Gulp – a library available in NPM, which enables us to significantly automate our work. Gulp facilitates a compilation of Sass or Less files to CSS format; it allows to use Autoprefixer (a tool that will ensure the compatibility of our CSSs with multiple browsers) as well as to watch the progress of our work in many browsers/ devices in real time.

[EN] Gulp, Sass and BrowserSync in practice | Future Processing

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W kilku poprzednich postach pisałem o tym jak powinna wyglądać czysta i przejrzysta architektura aplikacji. Kluczową rzeczą w takiej architekturze jest jednokierunkowy przepływ wywołań od kontrolera do prezentera. Kłopot z taką architekturą pojawia się, gdy mamy narzucaną architekturę w której naszym punktem wejścia do obsługi zdarzenia jest metoda, która musi zwrócić wynik poprzez return...

Użycie czystej architektury w web serwice’ach | Code Matters

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This is the second one of two posts concerning approach to build cost effective, but prepared for scaling, systems using ASP.NET Web API and Azure.

[En]Microservices with minimum overhead using ASP.NET Web API and Azure – part 2 – Deployment | Future Processing

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This is the first one of two posts concerning approach to build cost effective, but prepared for scaling systems, using ASP.NET Web API and Azure. In the era of building systems that aim to provide services at global scale, requirements for scalability and high availability are becoming our bread and butter. What is more, it is absolutely normal that stakeholders want first shippable version of software as soon as possible.

Microservices with minimum overhead using ASP.NET Web API and Azure – part 1 – Architecture | Future Processing

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In this post we’ll focus on security. We’ll try to prove that claims base authentication is safe. As we remember SAML tokens are issued by “trusted” STS. But what exactly does “trusted” issuer mean? In this post, we’ll try to find definition of “trusted issuer”, a list of attributes which decide that issuer is trusted.

[EN] Security in WIF | Future Processing

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In this article we focus on sample service based on WCF (Windows Communication Foundation), as we will only try to build sample service with claims-based authentication and authorization. All technical aspects connected with security e.g. configuration, certificates, encryption, signature or CRL will be described in details in the next posts.

WCF services with claims-based authentication and authorization | Future Processing

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In the previous article basic information about authentication and authorization process on .Net has been presented. Security Token Service is an integral part of claim based approach. As we remember from the previous article, STS is responsible for handling user’s requests and creating tokens; it can also work in two modes: active and passive. In this article we focus on Active STS, as we will only try to build sample STS.

Introduction to Claims-Based Authentication and Authorization in .NET - how to build Active STS | Future Processing

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I have started to think, what is the reason that people see it as hard and complex at the beginning? I have a theory: it has rules! Entering the world with rules is always uncomfortable, we need to adjust to rules. In this post I’d like to prove that in this case those rules are quite digestible.On the way to CQRS… Basically, we can say that CQRS is an implementation of Command Query Separation principle to the architecture of software. What I noticed during my work in this approach is that there is a c...

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CQRS – Simple architecture | Future Processing

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Authentication and Authorization Authentication and authorization are two closely related concepts, which are used to build security mechanism in systems and applications. Information security is the practice of protecting information from unauthorized access, use or even modification. Confidentiality, integrity and availability (known as CIA triad) is a model designed to guide policies of information security within an organization. In this article we are focusing on confidentiality, which refers to re...

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[EN] Introduction to Claims-Based Authentication and Authorization in .NET | Future Processing

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